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Dealing with daily life at work, home and the wider world means your mind and body are constantly inundated with a stressful sensory intake that leaves you feeling tense and fatigued.

REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique) is backed by a number of studies in its ability to aid personal growth and recuperation. One hour in the pod is equal up to eight hours sleep.

Float for pain management, body aches, migraines, muscle and joint soreness to stress management, athletic recovery and performance visualisation to spiritual discovery and meditation, it also aids in overcoming a number of disorders.

The benefits and feeling of a post-float glow is something that needs to be experienced to be understood. Mental clarity, insight and focus, inner peace and harmony, the sense of lightness, happiness and peace; it's the disconnect allowing you to reconnect, recover at a rapid rate, undergo profound healing and de-clutter your mind.

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  • The Yard 2/182 Jervois Road
  • Herne Bay, Auckland, Auckland Region
  • 1011