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Stow Lockets is an exciting new luxury jewellery brand created in New Zealand. Stow offers a beautiful collection of lockets crafted from solid sterling silver, yellow and rose gold along with a large collection of charms for that personal touch.

Stow Lockets is a stunning new brand developed and created in New Zealand by Louise Laing, co-founder of Evolve Jewellery. Louise is an exemplar of the Stow woman; she is a dedicated mother, daughter, wife, successful business woman and traveller, whose belief is that every woman can strive for and achieve their dreams.

Her vision is to offer women premium jewellery pieces, allowing them each to tell their unique story. All of our jewellery is finely handcrafted - we aim to deliver high quality jewellery which customers can collect and cherish as heirlooms.

Every story begins with a locket. Our lockets are classic and elegant in design. Solid gold, rose gold and sterling silver frames encase the highest quality crystal glass. Our exquisite lockets are available in various sizes.

Tell your story one charm at a time. Our petite charms are crafted from solid 9ct gold, rose gold, 925 sterling silver, cubic zirconia, pearls and a range of gemstones. We have over one hundred individual charms in our collection with universal and New Zealand themed inspirations. Stow also has a beautiful complimentary collection of petite charm earrings and rings available. Capture your meaningful moment with Stow Lockets.

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