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DORA creates premium wedding rings and sets an international benchmark in the design and manufacture of superior mens rings.

Dora’s target market is the man who appreciates quality. A new generation who wears his wedding ring with pride and admiration, not just for what it symbolises, but for how it looks! You only marry once, so you want to be sure that the ring you choose will be the best one and will stand the test of time. Dora creates wedding bands with this in mind.

Every Dora wedding ring is unique and long lasting and made to the highest standards of manufacturing with the finest of materials. With the ever increasing volume of copies and cheap reproductions available at jewellery stores, Dora stands alone as a manufacturer breaking new ground in design, materials, finishes and value, while never compromising on quality and service. DORA specializes in blends using various combinations of gold, platinum, palladium and titanium and continues to push the boundaries with innovative finishes.

The Dora range comprises of well over 3,000 styles and almost all of our rings can be personally altered to your needs. There are thousands of different combinations available to you to ensure that your ring Dora design is unique. Most ring styles are available in 9k, 14k & 18k gold in white, yellow or rose colours, as well as platinum, platinum 600, palladium or titanium and rings can be ordered in almost any combination of these gold colours and metals.

Best of all there is no extra cost for alterations to the basic design, you just pay for the precious metals used (and diamonds if they are part of your design). Dora also offer free engraving should you want to preserve certain sentiments or dates within your wedding band.

Every Dora ring comes with a life time warranty and the very popular 'Ring Replacement Policy'. An international warranty card that accompanies every Dora ring certifies the authenticity of the ring and the Dora Hallmark within the ring certifies that the Dora ring was crafted to the exact specifications of our master jewellers from the finest quality materials. At Dora we understand that with few exceptions, nothing remains the same. Unfortunately this applies to our figure and weight, both of which are almost certain to be very different in the future from what they are now. This is where the DORA Ring Replacement Policy comes in. When you buy a Dora ring it entitles the purchaser to one free exchange if the ring becomes too loose or too tight. (see the Dora website for full terms and conditions)

Dora have been ‘helping grooms get it right’ since 1994 and is a company that specialises in wedding bands because that is their sole business. To find out more, please visit the Dora website at for further information, styles and stockists.