What's Causing Your Skin Concern? And How To Fix it ... Fast.

Wimpy eye brows? Relentless pimples? Bleh skin? If you're victim to nagging beauty woes, now's the time to sort them. 


As with all makeup application, to look its best and to last the distance, your skin needs to be in good condition – and that goes for your lips, too.

Drinking lots of water and nourishing them regularly should keep your pout on best behaviour, and have your barely-there, matte, or glossy lipstick of choice sitting pretty.

Common causes

  • sun or wind damage
  • dehydration
  • certain types of medication
  • reaction to product
  • vitamin deficiency


Pigmentation is when your skin becomes uneven in colour, and while reasons for this vary, it’s most common for dark spots to start to appear in middle age – thought to be from UV damage up to 20 years prior!

The good news is modern skincare and makeup makes treating, disguising and blending out uneven skin tone a breeze. Professional treatment to reverse skin discolouration is also available.

Common causes

  • sun damage
  • drugs or medication
  • pregnancy (hormonal)
  • stress
  • heat
  • rosacea


Pimples are the inflammatory form of acne and, as the Skin Institute explains, are “formed by excess sebum (oil) production, blocked pores, inflammation of surrounding tissue and bacterial activity”.

Breakouts are not only skin-deep, they wreak havoc on confidence and self-esteem – especially when you’re about to walk down the aisle! If breakouts are continuous, see a skincare specialist who will help determine the reason for those pesky pimples playing up.

Common causes

  • hormone changes
  • blocked pores
  • inflammation
  • bacteria
  • genetics


Because our skin renewal decreases by seven per cent every ten years, as we get older we need to work harder to maintain a glowing complexion.

Dermatologists recommend eating a nutrient-rich diet and drinking plenty of water. When it comes to skincare, invest in gentle exfoliators and antioxidant-rich products. As for makeup: smart strobing and highlighting can lighten the situation – sweep the luminous formula atop cheek bones, brow bones, and on the bridge of your nose.

Common causes

  • lack of skin regime
  • poor circulation
  • smoking/tobacco
  • alcohol or drug intake


Full brows are not only on trend, but they beautifully ‘frame’ your face. Brow pomades and pencils offer temporary, natural-looking oomph, but for something permanent, Brow Feathering is the bomb: a gentle tattoo, created with fine hair-line strokes and pigment that sinks only 1mm into your skin (as opposed to body tattoo's 3mm depth).

“It’s perfect for anyone who struggles with the shape or fullness of their brows,” say the girls at Auckland’s Brow Theory (brows.co.nz), who recommend a consultation at least three months out from “I do”.

Common Causes:

  • over-tweezing
  • hyperthyroidism
  • alopecia
  • nutrient deficiency


Lengthy natural-looking lashes are the epitome of glamour and femininity, but it's far from reality for most of us.

Thankfully, living in a beauty era filled with lash growth serums, magic mascaras and quality light-weight lash extension services mean help is always at hand.

Common Causes:

  • genetics
  • poor lash extension care
  • allergy to mascara
  • nutrient deficiency

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