Save $100 on Picture Perfect Microbladed Eyebrows

Emma from EMCO Studio has an incredibly generous offer for New Zealand Weddings brides (yes, that means you!) who want beautiful brows for their wedding celebration and honeymoon (and beyond).  

    Enjoy one less thing to think about in the lead-up to your special day, by having a natural-like eyebrow treatment which gives you long-term perfectly arched and filled brows.

    HOW TO CLAIM $100 OFF MICROBLADING at Emco Studio :

    1. Add code 'NZW100' into booking notes when booking, if paying on the day of your treatment.

    2. Add code 'NZW100' to checkout after booking if pre-paying or using LayBuy.

    OFFER EXPIRES 21st March 2019.

    Why is microblading something brides should consider in the lead-up to their wedding celebration? (not to mention the parties before and after and the honeymoon!)

    Eyebrows frame the face and can go a long way to highlighting a bride’s natural beauty.

    While professional makeup on your wedding day can give you beautiful brows, having microblading done ahead of the big day means effortlessly perfect brows for all the lead-up and post wedding celebrations as well as the honeymoon.

    For most brides, this will be the most photographed period of their lives, so there’s no better time to wake up every day with brilliant brows!

    What is involved in the microblading process at EMCO Studio ?

    Stage One: The initial Treatment.

    We begin with the application of a topical anaesthetic to numb the brows, followed by a consultation to discuss brow look and colour options.

    A guide outline is then drawn for your approval.

    Once you're satisfied with the shape and symmetry, a semi-permanent pigment is applied with a sterile, single-use microblading tool. (This procedure uses a manual hand tool and not a machine)

    Stage Two: Touch-up appointment - 4 to 6 weeks later.

    Brow colour from the first treatment fades significantly within the first four weeks while the skin heals, so it’s imperative that the second treatment is completed to correct any irregularities in the microbladed hair strokes.

    It also colour tones and finishes the process to ensure optimum longevity of your brows.

    What is the after-care process?

    After each session, it is important that the treated brows have the best opportunity to retain their new colour. You should not get the tattooed area wet (including sweat - great excuse to have a break from the gym) for seven days.

    It’s important that aftercare cream is applied three times daily for that period, and during this time makeup should not be worn on the tattooed area.

    After the seven day aftercare period clients can get their brows wet and wear make up as usual.

    Should a bride bring pictures of the type of brows she likes to her first appointment, even though the shape may depend on her own natural shape?

    You're welcome to bring in examples of what you would like for your brows, but I will always be honest in terms of what is realistically achievable when bone structure, face shape and brow type is taken into account.

    Emma specialises in a wide range of beauty treatments - such as lash lifts and tints, permanent makeup, spray tanning as well as microblading.

    Is there any other prep required pre-appointment?

    It’s all very straightforward, but it’s best for clients to avoid tweezing or waxing their brows for a few days before treatment. They will have to lie still for the duration of the treatment so wearing comfy clothing is a good idea.

    For a bride who hasn’t had microblading before, how long prior to her wedding do you think she should have it done?

    Six to eight weeks prior.

    First-time treatment involves two sessions set one month apart (see above). Because of this, I recommend a bride to book in for 6 to 8 weeks prior to her big day.

    This will allow enough time for both sessions, and a healing period so her brows are fresh but have settled into a naturally perfect look.

    New Zealand Weddings editor, Pamela McIntosh, recently had a treatment with Emma at Emco. (pictured below)

    "Emma makes the process a total breeze, and I love having perfectly shaped eyebrows every morning. It makes me feel so much more 'put together' on my makeup-free days as well."

    Visit EMCO Studio for more and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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