Wedding Photos That Went Viral in 2018

It's wedding day moments like these that go around the world... 

    1. Heidi Zherelyev, a bride from Phoenix, sent her brother in her place for a (trick) first-look photo. Heidi's brother, Eric, slipped on an old wedding dress and met the groom where the couple was supposed to have their first-look photo.

    Image by KevinChole Photography.

    2. When a wildfire broke out at this couple's wedding venue, the bride and groom were forced to relocated to a relative's property miles away. They saw the beauty in the tragic situation and shot their wedding day photos in front of the billowing smoke.

    Above image by Alexi Hubbell Photography.

    3. Texas groom Vince pulled the ultimate wedding day prank on his bride, by sneaking his brother, who was dressed as a killer clown, into the background of one of the shots. Apparently the bride loved the photo bombing clown when she saw the picture months after the wedding.

    Pop of Color Images.

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