Questions To Ask Your Wedding Florist

Hamilton-based floral designer Chloe Moore of Le Fleur chats to us about questions brides should ask their florist and how her love for flora blossomed.

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Growing up with a mother who was a gardener, Chloe Moore's love for flora was blossomed at a young age, leading her to set up her own floristry business, Le Fleur . We chat to her about what she loves when creating wedding florals and what brides should ask when meeting their florist of choice.

New Zealand Weddings : Tell us about Le Fleur – how did it come about and what made you feel it would be something you wanted to turn into a business?

Chloe: Le Fleur began in 2013 when I decided it was time to become my own floral interpreter. After many years training and working in retail floristry I decided my true passion was in events; naturally that became my focus.

Le Fleur is a wedding and everyday online flower shop, specialising in the unknown, inspired by florals. My love for flowers is largely influenced by my mother who was a gardener. From the age of four I used to play in the garden with her, she vividly recalls the day she found me in the garden talking to flowers and from then on she nurtured my growing love of all flora. She taught me botanical names, helped me make arrangements for the house and always encouraged me to be creative. From the moment I was old enough to consider my career, a florist was always at the top of the list, I knew this was the field I wanted to be in. I wasted no time and at 16 enrolled in a course to become a New Zealand Professional Florist, whilst working in a florist shop; I never looked back.

Where do you draw inspiration from as a floral stylist?

I get a lot of inspiration from former florist legends, especially overseas based. My main inspiration however is nature itself. I love the way it produces and forms florals and foliages. Everything from the natural shape, text and colour.

What's your favourite part about creating florals for weddings?

The brides! Nothing is more exciting than meeting my brides, the love and excitement they give off about their wedding day is contagious, you can't help but be excited too. I love hearing about different themes or visions that each bride has, and designing something individual for her; it thrives my creative nature. Lastly, the photos and responses I receive from my clients give me the warm fuzzies.

What are your favourite flowers and greenery to work with at the moment?

I'm a sucker for foxglovesalways have been, scabbiosa, old garden roses and poppies to name a few but I could go forever. My favourite greenery would have to be smoke bush, cooper beach, jasmine and plum tree.

Is there anything in particular is your favourite to create?

I love installation work from small intimate arch florals to a large hanging wild garden above a bridal table.

What are three questions brides should ask their florists?

  • Are they available on your chosen wedding date?
  • Are they experienced in wedding floristry?
  • Are the particular flowers (if any) available for your wedding date?

What should brides bring along when talking to their florist about their vision?

The more detail you can provide around colour and styling the better. Bringing a sample or picture of the bridesmaids dresses and/or their colours is always a good place to start as this generally reflects the colour theme for the wedding. Bring images of designs you love or a moodboard reflecting your colouring or style (try to narrow down images to your favourites to avoid confusion – 20-30 images is plenty).

Anything else you'd love to add?

Trust your florist. Pick them knowing that you love their work and authenticity. 100% of my favourite pieces are based on trust and allowing the florist freedom to create the perfect flowers for your day. Try not to get caught up on certain flowers or images as this can be stressful and constrain the beauty of design and its alternative. Lasty, have the best day of your life!

Get in touch with the lovely team at Le Fleur via their website , or email them at [email protected] . Don't forget to follow them on Instagram and Facebook .

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