The Do's and Don'ts of Gift Registries

Though undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable aspects of wedding planning, gift registries should be handled with care.

    They're a no-brainer for nixing double-ups and off-the-mark disasters, but whether you're in need of a helping hand in setting up a household or already happily cohabiting before you get hitched, asking your loved ones for gifts to suit can seem a trickly propostition. While it's better to provide a guide than have your guests spending money on items you won't use, the golden rule of gift registries is: mind your manners.


    • Set up your gift registry as early as possible, so you can send out the details with your invitations.
    • Choose your wording carefully.
    • Consider asking for money, but only for a specific, significanr, we'll-love-it-forever item, so your friends and family know their contribution is going to good use.
    • Make your thank-you cards a post-wedding priority so you're able to respond with heartfelt, personalised messages about their gift, rather than run-of-the-mill responses.


    • Take presents as a given. International guests or those travelling to your destination wedding may have maxed out on expenses just to be able to attend your nuptials.
    • Be too narrow in your selection. Choose a range of gifts at a variety of price points to cater to every budget.
    • Make the gift table at your reception an afterthought. Style it according to your wedding theme and organise a trusted friend to direct guests to it and make sure cards stay attached to gifts with a kit of cellotape and scissors.


    The lovely folk at The Good Registry wondered, what if some of the money we spend on gifts could got to good causes instead? If you're celebrating a special event, and you don't want or need gifts, you can create a registry and instead of gifts, and your friends and family can simply give to a cause you care about.

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