Do’s and Don’ts of the Wedding Ring Hunt

These are the only investments you’ll make that’ll last the length of your marriage – no pressure, then! Here, your guide to getting it right.

    DO look around

    Go to range of different jewellers, and keep your mind open to different design suggestions. Ask family and friends for jeweller recommendations.

    DON’T rush

    Embarking on your ring search at least three months out from ‘I do’ will give you plenty of time, so you’re not rushed into a decision you’ll regret.

    DO be open to all stores

    Don’t assume a custom-made ring, or an expensive store, will be out of your price-range. A good jeweller will be able to simplify a design without  sacrificing quality.

    DO buy quality

    Some things are worth splurging on. You’ll be looking at your ring for the rest of your marriage, and who knows how many generations will treasure it in the future. Extra investment now will go a long way to ensuring your bling lasts the distance.

    DON’T worry about matching

    It’s okay if you and your partner prefer different styles or metals. More important is that you find a ring that suits your personal style and goes with the jewellery you regularly wear. If you’re keen to unite the rings with a common design feature, consider a shared inscription of your wedding date or initials.

    DO think practically

    Pick a ring that can easily become a part of your everyday life. If you play a lot of sport or have a hands-on job, you’ll need a ring that suits all of your activities. Avoid rings with risen gemstones and pick a durable metal such as platinum.

    DO ask about warranties and maintenance

    Many jewellers will offer complimentary or discounted cleanings, clasp tightenings and maintenance for the first part or all of your ring’s lifetime. Ask what the deal is before you hand over the cash.

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