How To Prep Your Hair For The Big Day

Established 18 years ago by pro hair stylist Jo Plant, Exile Hair Design has gone from strength to strength over the years. We talk to Jo about all things bridal hair – everything from where to begin, to what she sees will be the trending bridal hairstyles for 2019. 

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Based in the Auckland suburb of Mount Eden, Exile Hair Design has been helping clients' hair dreams come true for the past 18 years. Lead by professional hair stylist Jo Plant, the salon have a team of specialised bridal hair and makeup artists who are experienced in all types of wedding styling.

We chat to Jo about everything brides need to know when booking their hair trials and how to achieve shiny and healthy for the big day.

New Zealand Weddings : First things first, where should a bride start when finding their hair style for their big day?

Jo: When first looking for a hair style it’s important to pick your dress first and have a back-up plan just incase the weather is bad. Look at bridal pictures, pick out hair and makeup styles you like and if you’re struggling, pick out the ones that you do not want. That way your stylist can best advise you in your consultation.

What should brides bring along to a hair consultation and/or trial and how should they prep their hair?

Bring along all your pictures, dress, veil or no veil, hair and makeup pictures, even your flowers. For a consultation, bring along your veil if yu're wearing one and any hair accessories you want to wear. That way if anything needs tweaking, your stylist will be prepared on the day. All stylists prefer to work with either clean or one day old hair, but they will inform you at your trial.

For brides thinking about trying a new hair colour for the big day, how early should they get the process started?

For brides that would like a change in hair colour, this needs to be done a couple of months before the wedding day so they can get used to it. It's also important to check the new colour with the tone of the dress. Once the new colour has been done, the final colour before the wedding can be done a week before, that allows for any tweaking of the colour.

For brides wanting more length before the big day, how can they care for their hair in order to promote growth?

Brides who would like more length, there are a couple of options. Start growing your hair a year out from your wedding, if your hair is too long for the wedding style it can be cut back. You can use hair thinning products, these promote fast hair growth, for example L'oreal Serioxyl or Angel Rosemary products. Also, in-salon treatments and at-home treatments are a necessity for beautiful shiny healthy hair. Also hair extensions can be used to create more length and fullness. Hair extensions can be clipped in for the day or more permanent options can be used as well.

What kind of style is best suited for a veil?

Any style is suited for a veil. As long as your stylist is aware of the hairstyle they can pop in the support that the veil will need.

What are your picks for the bridal hair trends of 2019?

There has been an increase in classic bridal hair ups which is great to see. Chignons, french rolls with a more modern feel. The soft low buns and the half up half down are still featuring a lot as well, but it's always best to pick a style that suits your face shape and figure.

Are there any misconceptions you’ve found brides have surrounding their hair and the big day?

Anything goes now days when it comes to weddings, it can be done in any order or style. Bridesmaids can end up having white dresses and also not match with the other bridesmaids. The bride can see the groom before and also do photos before the ceremony. There is defenitley more of a modern trend now, in which anything goes. Pressure should be taken off as there is no such thing as a “standard” wedding day.

What’s your favourite thing about being a hair stylist when it comes to weddings?

The best thing about being part of the wedding day as a hair stylist is being one of the first ones to be a part of the wedding day and it normally sets up the vibe for the day. Enjoying making the bride feel beautiful and look her absolute best. Especially if it is a salon client that we have been seeing for a while, as this can feel even more special to be there. Seeing the bride get ready is always so much fun. Weddings are such a beautiful event and day and it’s so lovely to be a part of them!

Exile Hair Design's team have a range of specifically tailored hair and makeup options for brides and their entire bridal party. Head along to their website for a quote , and follow them on Facebook and Instagram .

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