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Why Regal Drycleaners is the service you can trust with your wedding gown. 

    Ahead of the New Zealand Weddings Magazine Collection at Fashion Weekend, we spoke to Freya Thomas – Sales and Marketing Manager at Regal Drycleaners .


    Regal Drycleaners have the well-earned reputation of being the best dry cleaners in Auckland. They are known not only on the best quality, skills and service, but they are also mindful of the impact drycleaning can have on the environment. Regal Drycleaners are one of the few drycleaners to solely use gentle cleaning solutions that are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

    We caught up with Freya to find out more about details of the drycleaning process.

    Are there any products to be careful of that permanently stain white fabric?

    We have seen all kinds of fun that people have had on their wedding days! Sand, wine, spray tan, grass stains and more. Brightly coloured stains or dark soiling around the hems can be difficult to remove as they require handwork that can be damaging to delicate fabrics. Luckily, our specialists handle extremely delicate fabrics regularly so they are always up to the challenge of removing these marks! The trickiest thing to remove is age marks and yellowing and the easiest way to avoid these is to clean the gown after it’s worn.

    How long after the wedding should you have your gown cleaned?

    We do recommend bringing your gown in as soon as you can after the wedding, as certain stains can worsen and become set in over time. But this won’t happen overnight! If you bring it in within a couple of months of your wedding we will still have a good chance of achieving a great result. Just don’t let it languish at the back of your wardrobe for years!

    Do we need to pre-book the cleaning?

    Not at all, you can bring your gown into any of our stores with no appointment required. If you come to our Newmarket branch our specialists can give you a quote in around 10-15 minutes, otherwise you can drop them into our Ponsonby or Eastridge stores and we will contact you with a quote via email. We also have a NZ Wide Service for those out of Auckland, which you can find on our website.

    What is the cleaning process to actually dry clean the gown? How is the gown cleaned without harming beading or embellishments?

    Our specialists treat every gown individually as each may need a slightly different process depending on the fabric, stains or complex detailing. Our specialists go over the entire gown and will work on any areas of concern by hand. They will then go through a full clean, which can be done through various methods such as a dryclean, wetclean, or for very delicate gowns they can be gently hand dipped with very little agitation. After the clean, they are carefully pressed by hand and prepared for collection.

    Do different fabrics require different treatments? Le delicate lace vs a thicker fabric?

    Yes, we will always consider the fabric when determining the best method of cleaning. We are lucky to be partnered with many of New Zealand’s top Bridal Designers, which means we clean many fabric samples for new season collections, so we have a good idea of how to clean the different materials used in the gowns.

    How can we best preserve it for years to come, should we be keeping the gown?

    Everyone is different. Some people sell their gowns after their wedding, others don’t. We have a group of ladies who have a tradition of dressing up in their wedding gowns every 10 years to brunch together, and others who bring in their gowns again after their daughters have worn them, and it’s really lovely to see! So if you’re sentimental in the slightest there’s no harm in hanging onto it. We currently have two preservation options we highly recommend and are a must have to slow down the ageing process as much as possible. We have a boxing service which includes the gown being carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue paper, stored in a museum quality box with a muslin wrap, and we also have a muslin fabric gown bag which can be preferable for those short on space for a box.

    How much can the cost vary and how do we know we’re getting a good quality service at the right price?

    Our bridal service begins at $300 and increases from there depending on a variety of factors including complexity, volume and soiling. Always feel free to ask how your quote has been calculated, and a good drycleaner will take you through the risks involved. You can also ask about how many gowns they have cleaned or usually clean a year. Our specialists have been cleaning wedding gowns for upwards of 25 years, and clean over one thousand wedding gowns per year. Obviously, it can be difficult in certain parts of the country to find someone with the technology and expertise, so we have a NZ Wide Service which is very easy to use, and is on our website.

    Visit regaldrycleaners.co.nz and follow Regal Drycleaners on Facebook and Instagram .

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