The Supplement That Fast-Tracks You To Feeling Great

All that wedding planning have you lacking a little energy? This new product can revive you – to the core.

    A new health supplement advised to take twice daily promises to rev up your cells and energise your body from the inside out!

    “Natural Astaxanthin can penetrate your cells to the core, to help it function at its best”, explain the founders of Ultimate Antioxidant Complex ($99 for 90 capsules) – the latest health, beauty and wellbeing product in the market.

    "Astaxanthin is the carrier ingredient in each capsule, which also contains vitamin D, vitamin E and curcumin."

    This unique combination ‘wakes up’ your organs and helps you feel less sluggish in less than one month. The vitamin E and antioxidant properties in the formula benefits and improves skin condition – and, particularly at this time of year, vitamin D can also help with mood.

    How long do we have to take this supplement to first notice a difference?
    “For energy levels, you should notice a difference in just two weeks. We designed the capsule so that the skin encapsulating it is soft and it will melt really fast and be absorbed during your sleep.”

    What does this taste like?
    “The taste is not bad at all. The capsule is to be swallowed whole, but we know some people who just chew the capsule. Others open the capsule and take the oil inside!”

    What other benefits does this supplement have?
    “It is also great for recovery in sports,” so if you or your partner injure yourself prior to your wedding, then Ultimate Antioxidant Complex can also help with joints and scars – it heals cuts and abrasions fast.

    Follow Royal Biotech , the creators of Ultimate Antioxidant Complex, on Facebook and on Instagram .

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