Snowberry Wedding-Ready Skin | Week One

    Snowberry, put simply, is the skincare you can't afford to be without – especially on your wedding day! Bride-to-be Samantha-Jane and her bridesmaids and mum are trialing the Snowberry Skincare range, personalised to their skin type.

    Welcome to their week one skin review!

    Created in New Zealand, Snowberry is an extraordinary combination of nature & science that helps counter the enemies of youthful, radiant skin. Snowberry’s New Radiance Face Serum was the only anti-ageing serum on earth, invited to be presented to the 23rd World Congress of Dermatology!


    • a full size Snowberry Instant Deep Cleanser
    • a full size Snowberry Gentle Cleanse & Tone
    • a full size Snowberry New Radiance Serum
    • a full size Snowberry Nourishing Lite or Nourishing Rich Day Cream
    • a full size Snowberry Nourishing Exfoliator
    • a full size Snowberry Renew Body Oil
    • a full size Snowberry Renew Eye Serum
    • a full size Snowberry Soothing Face Massage Oil

    Here's what the lovely ladies have to say after one week:

    Samantha-Jane, 29, Combination Skin

    Product & Packaging: The products look great – I love the pumps because I can control the amount of product that comes out quite easily which is perfect. I enjoy all the textures and the scents, no overpowering scents and very natural. The products absorb wonderfully, the serum leaves my face feeling clean and healthy.

    First 24-Hours: The first 24 hours I didn’t notice an immediate difference in appearance but my skin did feel well hydrated. Having the full range of products motivates you even more to keep up with your morning and evening routines. It’s exciting to start to see results and you know the products all complement each other giving the best result.

    After One Week: I have definitely noticed my skin glowing, I have fair skin and can look flat and dull very easily. After using Snowberry for five days, I notice looking in the mirror and seeing my skin look full of life, it looks healthy! I’m am really enjoying sticking to a full product range routine. The ingredients being natural just cement the feeling I’m doing something great for my skin and body.

    Left: Samantha-Jane, "I don't usually go out without makeup, but how can I not with my skin looking this good. Right: Nicole, excited to receive her bag of Snowberry after a long-haul flight.

    Jessica Wright, 26, Normal-Dry Skin

    Product & Packaging: I like the packaging, its simple and fresh looking. I really enjoying the scent of the products they smell nice and natural and the texture of the products feels great. The product absorbed into my skin well and quickly.

    First 24 hours: My skin didn't feel too different in the first 24 hours, but has started to feel great a few days into using. By having the full range of product I do feel more aware of sticking to a routine and ensure that I follow the recommended steps to get the best results. The deep cleanser actually removes all make up from the skin which is hard to find and my skin feels really fresh after use.

    After one week: I have certainly noticed a difference, my skin feels and looks great and I have seen a big improvement in the dryness around my nose and chin.

    Elyse, 29 years, Combination Skin

    Product & Packaging: I love the product packaging, clean white bottles look really nice, and the easy-to-use pump bottles and tubes means that I don’t need to scoop product out with fingers. The textures are nice, was surprised at both cleansers textures was not expecting that. Very light fragrances would like a bit more but that’s just my personal preference.

    First 24 hours: Absorbs perfectly no greasy residue.

    After One Week: The Body Oil is beautiful, even used it on my toddler for her eczema! Skin feels great, especially after using the exfoliator. The Night Cream leaves my skin really hydrated overnight.

    Danielle, 26,

    Product & Packaging: I like the cleanliness of the white packaging, and the little illustrations on the package are cute. The texture is very lightweight, and you don’t need a lot of the product for it to go a long way. I really, really like this formula! It absorbs well and doesn’t feel sticky or hang on my skin any longer than it should have. By the time I was onto the next part of my skin routine, the previous product had absorbed.

    First 24 Hours: Now that I have a full range, I am more inclined to actually use products that complement each other – rather than sticking to the cheapest ones I can afford. My skin felt really clean and moisturised – maybe a little brighter?

    After One Week: I haven’t really noticed anything look wise, but my skin feels tighter and brighter for sure! I think after continuous use I will not only feel the benefits, but I will see them, too.

    Nicola Gilliver, 53, Dry-Combination Skin

    Product & Packaging: I was very excited to receive my personalised Snowberry Beauty Range when I arrived back from a visit to Thailand. My skin is in need of hydration after that intense sun. The packaging is very cool - simple but perfect. The embossed design on the exfoliater is far nice than plain white tube. The scents are pleasant and not over-powering.

    First 24 Hours: Very absorbant on my skin, I don't need to use too much at all. My skin feels soft. I have always been slack with skin care also because of price of full skin care range. Now that I have everything I am going to use every day. Probably 30 years late, but never too late for improvement!

    Check back in each week for the girls' reviews of their Snowberry Wedding Skin Trial. Meanwhile click here to learn more about Snowberry Beauty, and click here to follow Snowberry on Facebook.

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