"We Recreated Meghan's Dress in 10 Hours For $700"

    As adoring royal fanatics from across the globe were celebrating the marriage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Spotlight Seamstresses Elizabeth Alexandrou and Tessa Rankin took on the challenge of recreating the royal wedding dress overnight using fabrics only found at Spotlight stores.

    With the anticipation continuing to build throughout the day, Elizabeth and Tessa were busily discussing how they would conquer the most watched wedding dress of our centenary.

    After researching previous royal gowns, the Spotlight Seamstresses shopped an extensive list of fabrics, buttons, ribbons and lace so as Meghan stepped out of her royal carriage, they were prepared to tackle any design.

    The excitement climaxed at 8.59pm when Meghan revealed the Givenchy dress in front of St George’s Chapel. Elizabeth and Tessa then immediately started sketching, rolling out rolls of fabric and madly looking though patterns to begin recreating the long awaited wedding dress.

    “Throughout the day we had many discussions on what we thought the style of dress would be. As soon, as Meghan stepped out of the car there was a sigh of relief. Meghan style has always been understated elegance and her wedding day was no exception,” said Elizabeth Alexandrou.

    All in a day's (no, make that 10 hours) work. Model: Danielle Bazergy

    “We were able to merge together two or three off-the-shelf dressmaking patterns to achieve the perfect, elegant silhouette.

    A little creative thinking was needed to make the fit just so, but we are thrilled with the result.”

    Spotlight recreated the royal wedding dress in just 10 hours​, which ​was made entirely from fabrics found exclusively at Spotlight stores across New Zealand.

    Over 30 meters of fabric and veiling was used to make the gown with the total cost coming in at a show-stopping $700.00. Spotlight Communications Manager Nick Casey is excited to see Kiwis pick up a needle and thread and start sewing their own gowns.

    “We want to inspire and empower young people to learn the art of creating your perfect garment. We recreated the royal wedding dress to show how easy it is to find a pattern and a roll out some fabric from your local Spotlight, and turn it into a dress that even a Duchess would wear.

    “Spotlight stocks over 200 different ranges of fabric from exclusive satins through to delicate lace and intricate embroideries. If you’d like to create a garment that exudes elegance and luxury, there are options for every budget and skill level,” said Nick.

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