Claudia Conaglen: "Five Weddings in One Month"

Now just three and a half weeks out from her own wedding, fashion designer, model and former bachelorette Claudia Conaglen talks us through five very different weddings she attended last month. 

    "Leading up to summer I thought I would be busy with Christmas functions, bloggers’ events, and spending time with the family. But guess what? My fiancé Bluey and I had five weddings to go to!

    As crazy as it may sound, five weddings in one month is overwhelming – but we did it.

    The first wedding was in Kumeu, it was Rob and Rita's wedding.

    Rita looked so beautiful and the venue was amazing. It was my first Arab wedding so I danced a lot and had heaps of fun. Her bridesmaids did a cute skit for their speech. The bride and groom were such a beautiful couple, and they even met on Tinder!

    The second wedding we attended was in Alexandra.

    Bluey and I were about to leave Auckland airport when our flight was rescheduled. I panicked, because we only had three hours to get there.

    We finally got to Queenstown then hired a car to drive the 45-minute journey to Alexandra (I also got ready in the car).

    We were the last to arrive, but it was so special to see one of my best friends marry her dream man, Eamon.

    Wedding number three was makeup artist MJ and Jock’s wedding.

    It was held at a yacht club next to the ocean. They timed it so well with the tide; sitting down, watching their wedding, it felt like we were on a boat with the waves crashing around us.

    I even did a reading in front of everyone. Later on, there was some games, dancing and a photo booth.

    Then we had two weddings on the same day, so that was full-on.

    The fourth wedding began at nine o'clock in the morning. Waking up so early was the hardest part, but I was looking forward to watching my girl Metz, who I met on The Bachelor earlier this year, get married.

    I don't believe in being with someone for years to wait to see if they are the one. I believe when you know you know. I’m so happy for Metz to meet the man of her dreams.

    My favourite part of Metz wedding was all the dancing – the Samoans are talented and I am a big fan of performances and dancing.

    Life isn't about finding yourself it's about creating yourself 🙌🏽 Dress from @storyofamemory

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    The fifth wedding was straight after Metz' wedding, and it was held at The Hilton in Auckland from five o'clock in the evening 'til midnight.

    I love culture and it was my first time to experience a Muslim wedding. Oh my gosh, the girls really dress up, I mean so over the top as if they were off to the Oscars. Everyone looked so stunning and beautiful. Jaffer and Mena's wedding was a great experience. All the music was in Arabic but I danced anyway.

    So after a full month of weddings I am looking forward to 2018. I have my own wedding to look forward to, and my friend Cathy’s wedding in March, where I'll be her bridesmaid."


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