The Age-Defying Product That’ll Change Your Beauty Regimen

Call off the search, we’ve found our fountain of youth! (spoiler alert: it comes in a 50-ml bottle and promises fuss-free application)

  • Story by Jameela-Jouf Gatanela

It’s a universally-known truth that as we grow older, our skin starts to look different. As each year goes by, we may start to notice a few lines and wrinkles that weren’t exactly there before. This may be a horrifying revelation to some, but fear not, because Elizabeth Arden has heed our cries.

The new Ceramide Lift and Firm Sculpting Gel from Elizabeth Arden (available at the end of January, 2018) is a light-weight invisible formula that lifts, firms, and redefines facial contours. The secret? Collagen-supporting and skin-tightening peptides paired with moisture boosting ceramides.

What does it do?
As we age, our skin’s own collagen and elastin begins to break down, which in turn makes our skin sag and lose its zest. Which is why Elizabeth Arden has specifically formulated this product using Sculpting and Core Lifting and Firming Technology to effectively target these concerns.

Why should we add this to our beauty bag?
Aside from the amazing ingredients that makes for the ultimate age-defying concoction, this product comes in a sculpting roller packaging for an easy and no-mess application (no more greasy hands here!). The gel-like formula also makes it easy for the skin to absorb, which we think is perfect for the Summer season and layering under makeup, because honestly, who has time to wait around for creams to sink in?

How do we use it?
The bottle comes with an applicator that you can turn “on” and gently squeeze to release product, and return to “off” to avoid spills. It’s recommended to massage the roller in upward, lifting motion along jawline, neck, under cheekbones. It can be applied in the morning and at night after moisturizer.

We are super excited for the launch of this new product, and can truly say that is has quickly made its way into our beauty staples.

You can get yours on all Elizabeth Arden counters nationwide.

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