The Trick To Perfectly Preserving Your Wedding Gown

Your wedding gown is likely the biggest investment you'll ever make on a dress – it makes sense to take care of it after the special day! 

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The sentimental value attached to wedding gowns is so high, therefore it is important that you choose a quality, and trusted dry cleaner.

Weddings can be an expensive exercise, however you can’t put a price on the peace of mind knowing your gown is in trusted, knowledgeable and experienced hands to ensure it's returned to its former condition after your wonderful wedding day.

Regal Drycleaners take care of wedding gowns from all over New Zealand. Deliveries Manager Steph loves receiving wedding gowns, she will organise everything for you and make the process extremely seamless, then will package the gown in a box and get it sent back to you looking good as new!

Why do we need to dry-clean our wedding gown after the wedding day?

It is important to get your wedding gown cleaned after the big day to flush out any stains, both visible and invisible. A dirty wedding gown means you had a great time but it’s important you clean the gown so stains don’t set over time. Once the gown has been cleaned you can pop it away for future generations to enjoy!

Can there be stains or damage that is invisible to the eye?

Sugar-based stains are pretty nasty. They are often invisible to the eye, but yellow, and caramelise over time. Once yellowed, sugar stains are extremely difficult to remove, so it’s best to give them attention not long after the big day! We recommend drycleaning your gown after the big day to flush out any substances, and give the gown it’s best chance at long term preservation.

And what about the groom’s suit? Does this need a clean after the wedding as well?

We recommend getting the groom’s suit cleaned, to ensure any stains are flushed out. Again, your sugar based stains can caramelise over time in storage (those wine spillages later in the night), and are very difficult to remove down the track.

We recommend our Couture Care dryclean for grooms suits, which uses gentle, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, low temperatures and a hand-finished press. Once the suit is drycleaned, you can put your mind at ease and pop it away until the next occasion!

In what time frame should we have this service done?

We recommend getting your gown in to us for cleaning as soon as possible after the big day, to increase the chances of stain removal.

How is the cost decided, what makes it such an expensive exercise?

Each gown is priced individually according to factors such as complexity, volume and soiling. Each gown is cleaned by our bridal specialist, including pre-inspection, testing, specialist cleaning methods and a hand-press. The process takes around 6-10 weeks, at Regal we don’t take risks, so we allow time for testing and contact with designers, prior to the cleaning process.

Tell us about the Gown Preservation Service.

Our gown preservation service is packaging related. We recommend it as the best way to store wedding gowns long term. The cleaning process is our standard bridal clean, however if the bride would like the gown preserved, it is then packaged in acid-free tissue paper, and placed in a museum-quality preservation box and protective muslin cover. The cost of this service is $140.

How would you advise to best store our gown post-cleaning/preservation?

We offer a museum-quality preservation service, that we recommend to any of our customers looking to preserve their gowns for future generations. The service includes the gown being wrapped in acid-free tissue paper before being packaged in a museum-quality preservation box. The box is covered in a protective muslin wrap, that protects it from dust and build up. We recommend storing the boxes in a cool-dry place and taking it out once a year to check for any signs of aging.

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