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Announcing the four finalists for the 2017 JOICO Bridal Stylist of the Year. Now it's up to you to vote!

    Twenty six submissions. Four finalists. But there can be only one winner.

    We asked Kiwi hair stylists to submit their bridal style entry to JOICO's Facebook page , and the teams from New Zealand Weddings and JOICO have chosen four finalists.

    Next, it's up to you!

    Vote now for the bridal look you love the most, and the winner will lend a hand (two talented hands, actually) backstage at the New Zealand Weddings Magazine Collection Show at this year's New Zealand Fashion Week, as well as appear in the Summer Issue of New Zealand Weddings magazine.



    How Robyn created the look: To create this hair-up, I start with dry hair and using the JOICO Ironclad Thermal Protect Spray to prep for waving Sally's hair to help the fold of the Gibson Tuck technique. I then went through with JOICO Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo to help support the lift of the roots; then a quick spray of JOICO Texture Dry Wax Spray (my favourite product to help the 'grunt' texture, yet to tones the messy texture that can be created with the prep I do). I then proceeded with the Gibson Tuck, finishing the look with a bit of JOICO Joifix Medium Styling Finishing Spray to keep the final hold.

    See Robyn's look on bride Sally, below:


    How Violet created the look: I prepared my model's hair by using the GHD Curve Classic Wand, then back-combed the top section. I sectioned her hair in three parts; tied the left-hand side and did a loose plait to give it a soft slick look, twisted the top section bringing it towards the right-hand side, while joining both sections together in a loose twist of barrel curls and pinned them all together. I used JOICO Design Works 03 for flexible shaping, and finished off with a light spray of JOICO Joimist Firm Hold Texture 09.

    See Violet's bridal look below:


    How Nicole created the look: 1. I shampooed Emily's hair with JOICO K-Pac Shampoo and Conditioner. 2. Applied JOICO Body Luxe Volumizing Foam to the roots and JOICO Heat Set Blowout Perfecting Crème to the mid-lengths and ends; then blow-dried them, doing a twisty blow wave. 3. I back-combed the top section for a little height and styled all the hair to the side and secured with ribbon, then ruffed the hair between each ribbon to give a soft look. 4. To keep the look in place and to stop deflating from humidity I finished the look with JOICO Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray.

    See Nicole's bridal look below:


    How Shay created the look: Step 1. I like to work on clean prepped hair so first I’ll shampoo with JOICO K-Pac Shampoo and Body Luxe Conditioner. Then go through section by section coating hair with JOICO Body Luxe Volumizing Foam from roots to ends, dry hair 100%.

    2. Curl hair with wide irons in varied directions, spray JOICO Ironclad Thermal Protectant to each section before curling and JOICO Joimist Medium lightly afterwards.

    3. Part hair where desired and section out the hairline about one inch think. Spray JOICO Hair Shake Texturizer to roots and let product rest for 10 seconds before you start back combing through the top section. Product will turn to powder to give maximum volume then sweep back and smooth down top layer and clip in place.

    4. Take a small strand of hair from behind the ear away from the hair line, this will be your braided headband so take enough hair for your desired thickness. Place braid over the hairline parting so it goes around the head and secure in place while hiding the end underneath your black combing.

    5. Now softly pull back the hair that you sectioned out around the hair line to incorporate in the fishtail braid in the back. Once finished tie and spray tiny piece of the hair at end of the braid with JOICO Joifix Medium and wrap it around the elastic hair tie. Carefully pull out sides of the fishtail to create a more natural look.

    6. Go through the remaining curls that are left, brush/ruffle them and spray with JOICO Flip Turn Finishing Spray from a distance. With your fingers pick apart little areas off the back-combed top section to create more texture and do the same with hair around the face.

    7. Give the whole look another good spray with JOICO Joimist Medium Finishing Spray and hold the can closer for extra hold in certain areas. Ruffle hair again to give a organic feel and your good to go!

    See Shay's bridal look below:


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