Ready, Set, Runway: With Michael Hill Jewellery

Ahead of New Zealand Fashion Week, we stopped by some of the Bridal Industry's elite to get word on what we'll see next.

  • Photography by Carolyn Haslett (main image only)

Excited to see what delicate and dazzling jewels make their way down the New Zealand Weddings Magazine Collection runway at this years' New Zealand Fashion Week? We talked to Michael Hill Jewellery about their top trend picks and what we can expect to see on the runway.

What can New Zealand Weddings' brides expect to see on the runway this year from you?

Michael Hill: On the runway this year you'll see diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds! But in reality, it's not all about the diamonds. The cut and setting can make all the difference.

What details do you think will be big in terms of wedding and engagement rings in 2018, and beyond?

Vintage design in rose gold for the ladies, and for men, stylish rings are definitely on trend next year. It is all about style – it has to be something that you'll be happy with for a lifetime.

What detail would you love to see make a comeback, when it comes to wedding rings?

The Lady Di-inspired engagement ring made a comeback with Kate and William's engagement in 2010 and with the recent media around Lady Di's anniversary, we feel that the popularity of this ring will continue.

"Thanks Michael Hill for this amazing sapphire ring!!😍" Congratulations Sophie J!

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What kind of emotion or feeling do you want to evoke with your collection?

Sir Michael Hill's commitment is to help New Zealanders find that timeless ring that reflects their story today and tomorrow. It has to give you confidence and love for a lifetime.

Can you give New Zealand Weddings brides one piece of advice when it comes to choosing their wedding rings?

Choose for love and quality craftsmanship, not just fashion. When you choose something that lasts a lifetime then it has a special meaning – you want your love to be around for that long too.


Michael Hill is the exclusive jewellery partner at the 2017 New Zealand Weddings Magazine Collection Show at New Zealand Fashion Week. Click here for all the details.

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