Newly Engaged! Jericho & Billy

Billy and Jericho's engagement didn't quite go to plan, but it's a romantic story they will be telling with a smile for years to come! 

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    Jericho (Jeri): It was 2015. I was living in England, working for Red Bull, and Billy had taken a year off Medical School to travel. We were both at the Secret Garden Party festival in the UK.

    Billy stayed on with me for the final three days of his time in London before heading on to America. On the day he left I cried for three tube stops. I told myself that ours was just a festival romance but within three days I had booked flights to New York City to see him six weeks later.

    After four days together in New York, Billy went travelling for another three months and I returned to London. We spent Christmas together with my family in New Zealand and had New Year's in his home town of Melbourne. My time in the UK was running out and upon my return I was actually offered a transfer to Red Bull in Melbourne. The rest is history!


    Billy: "I proposed to Jerry on the 20th of May 2017; I had worked nine days straight, a doctor at a hospital, then drove Jeri to the airport where she caught a plane home to Auckland for the weekend for her 10-year high school reunion. The next day I took an early morning flight to New Zealand to surprise her. Jeri’s mum Kim picked me up from the airport and Jeri’s dad Graham joined us for a dinner out, where I asked their permission to ask Jeri to marry me.

    The plan was set for the next day. I would catch the 9.15am ferry to Rangitoto Island with Graham, who would carry the champagne and other essential celebratory goodies. Kim would get Jeri on the 10.30am ferry and lead her to the top, where I would be waiting in a nice change of clothes, ready to pop the bubbles.

    But then, best laid plans of mice and men. Graham and I reached the island with no drama, but received news that the 10.30am ferry had been cancelled due to increasing winds. Not to be deterred we managed to wrangle another boat to get the girls to us.

    I decided to abandon the walk to the top, not wanting Jeri’s brother Brock to be stuck on a boat he couldn’t moor for two hours. Once again our plan was foiled as we discovered the girls had come to the wrong jetty and were already making the long walk to the top in the pouring rain.

    Kim and Jeri ended up beating me back to the top. I stumbled out of the bush in my soaking wet and dirty hiking clothes and dropped to my knee for the proposal. To my horror, the ring didn’t fit. The only thing left to do was laugh!

    Jeri: "When I arrived in New Zealand, mum said she would like to do something special with me on Saturday. She said we would be heading to Rangitoto Island at 10.30am. When we arrived at the ferry terminal we discovered the 10.30am sailing had been cancelled due to bad weather. Much to my bemusement my mum and brother went into troubleshooter mode and organised to borrow a friend’s boat to use to get us to Rangitoto.

    When we got to the Island, I was seriously unimpressed with mum for dragging me along on this ridiculous adventure in miserable weather. She had to beg me to keep moving. When we got to the top of Rangitoto and saw Billy, everything made sense. His proposal was beautiful and despite the comedy of errors it was absolutely one of the most epic experiences of my life.


    Billy: " Jeri's ring is a ruby with a diamond on either side, set in a white gold band. At Torres Jewel Co . my sisters helped me choose the stones individually and then decide on how they would be set. I knew Jeri would love something bold, yet simple and slightly understated.

    We plan to get married in March 2019 at Jeri’s family beach house on Great Barrier Island – it will probably be a bohemian, barefoot affair. Getting to the Barrier is an adventure and with our special people coming from far and wide they’ll be joining us for at least a couple of days, which will be awesome. We’re so lucky to have such a beautiful place to host our wedding, and one that already has so much love and good memories contained within it!"

    Congratulations Jericho and Billy, from the New Zealand Weddings team!
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