Ask The Honeymoon Angel #2: How Can We Get The Best Deals?

Need a helping hand with that exciting honeymoon prep? Our honeymoon angel, wedding travel specialist Anita Gatley is at your service.

Q: Help, Anita. Airfares and accommodation seem incredibly pricey for our chosen honeymoon location and time frame. Can a honeymoon travel agent get us better rates? Skye, Hamilton

Anita says "All Travel Agents have access to the same suppliers and deals, generally. However, as a Wedding Travel Specialist there are things we can do to get you a better deal.

Usually you are booking a wedding 12 months to two years in advance. Whilst we can’t actually book airfares until 11 months in advance we can provide an approximate quote, start looking at destinations and properties early and get your passports in order. Many excellent specials need to be booked quickly so be ready to book at short notice.

Also, if your Wedding Travel specialist has already been looking into a honeymoon for you they will be able to contact you as soon as they see something appropriate on special.

Your Wedding Travel Specialist will also know and be able to get you the honeymoon offers available. They will also be your first point of contact in the event anything does go wrong; an onsite booking engine won’t help if your flight is delayed for instance!

The most important piece of advice I can offer  is to include your honeymoon in your overall budget. Your honeymoon is a special holiday; you might want to stay in a nicer room or property or spend a bit longer away but you need to budget for this – it won’t just happen. I often see couples who come to book a few months prior to their wedding and can’t get what they want because they haven’t budgeted for it or they want a particular room or hotel and it is full.

Your Wedding Travel Specialist will be able to offer destinations and deals that you were not even aware of – no one wants a 'cookie-cutter' honeymoon; use their skill and expertise to offer you something different."

For more advice on all things honeymoon and destination weddings, find Anita at and follow Anita on Facebook. Read more of Anita's advice here.

To email our Honeymoon Angel Anita, send your question to [email protected] with ASK THE HONEYMOON ANGEL in the subject line. Don't forget to include your name and city.

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