Bridal Insider: Jo Plant of Exile Hair Design

Hair expert Jo Plant eases the anxiety around your wedding day hairstyle.

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Hair stylist Jo Plant, of Exile Hair Design in Auckland, chats us through the process of where to begin when it comes to locking in your bridal hair style.

Q: A hair style for our wedding day! Where do we start?

A: If you’re really happy with your regular stylist then that can be a really good place to start.  Not all hairdressers do the ‘hair up’ styles most popular for weddings and so websites can be a useful place to start. A good referral, preferably accompanied by wedding photos, is worth its weight in gold. Wherever you decide to start, always ask to see the stylist’s recent wedding work.

Q: When should we confirm our stylist and a general look?

A: You should be thinking about booking a stylist at least six months prior to your wedding, and perhaps begin investigating options up to a year out. This is especially important if you’re looking at a weekend wedding over the summer season.

Q: And what about the trial?

A: About a month before the big day is the perfect time for a trial. Take the time to talk about ideas and what would work well. Be open and honest with the stylist to achieve the best result. A fabulous idea is to have your hair and make-up trial together.

Q: What do we need to think about when settling on the hair style?

A: It’s really important that the hair style suits your dress, your look, your personality. Stylists are professionals and can quickly ascertain what will suit and what won’t. My advice for brides is to be open to ideas and go to your first meeting armed with your wedding vision, pictures and planning ideas so that the stylist can get on the same page.

Q: Does weather come into play when it comes to hair styles?

A: Weather and weddings – we all want the ideal weather report but it doesn’t always work out that way. A great stylist will usually have an alternative ’do for gale force conditions, or an excellent supply of pins and spray!

Q: What is the most popular bridal hair trend of the moment?

A: The soft, glamorous, old-Hollywood vintage look is really on trend at the moment and looks to remain so for a while. We’re still creating a lot of soft, boho looks with lovely, loose braids and a really romantic feel. Both truly beautiful bridal looks.

Q: When it comes to bridesmaids, how can we keep a consistent look that doesn’t scream ‘clone’?

A: By changing it up! Bridesmaids’ hair can work beautifully with with their own individuality and can make them shine on your day as they will be happy with the style. You could do a consistent inclusion (perhaps a braid) that can be worked differently for each girl.

Q: What is the biggest mistake brides make when it comes to wedding hair?

A: Brides need to make sure they do their research and give the stylist as much information as they can so that it is a collaborative creative process. As with all good planning though, sometimes things change on the day, and brides really need to be flexible and open to changes if they become necessary. A good stylist will never shift from the plan without excellent reason.

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