Stressed? Get Wedding Day Zen in Less Than 30 Minutes

Stomach in knots over the size of your to-do list? Thanks to these tips, sanity need only be a lunch break away. 

  • Story by Margot Marshall
  • Photography by shuttershock


Write down the five things making you feel most stressed, then take a step forward in relation to each of them. For instance, email your cake maker to book a consultation, find three hairstyles you love and save them on a Pinterest board, and download a seating plan spreadsheet. Focused action will give you an instant feeling of productivity. Continue that by writing an effective to-do list for your next action session – one that breaks your wedding into components (think reception, ceremony, attire). Listing the steps required to bring each of these under control will create a results-oriented mindset that fosters and sustains momentum. “When we‘re under stress we can sometimes over-dramatise,” says life coach Sian Jaquet . “Putting your thoughts down on paper helps you gain perspective and a slight distance from the immediate emotion.”


Taking time out from planning will restore a sense of perspective – you’ll be amazed by how empowered you feel when you return. “Whether it’s a massage, Netflix or a chat with a friend over coffee, make regular ‘chill’ time so that your mind and body have space and a chance to be calm,” says relationships expert Sara Chatwin .


Delegation is an instant cure for that too-much-to-do feeling – you‘ll be surprised how keen people are to help when the word “wedding” is involved – but it has to be done right. “Enlist helpers who respect who you are, what you are doing and how you want to do it,” says psychologist Leanne French , author of Fairytale Love. How to Love Happily Ever After.


Clean, clear work spaces are ideal for feeding focus, efficiency and a crucial sense of control. To keep your physical space free of energy sapping clutter (think contracts, to-do lists and spreadsheets) try a triple-level filing system: one drawer for current projects (the A3 sheet scrawled with your half-done seating plan, for example) another to hold material you might need in a few weeks (your shortlist of celebrants perhaps) and a third to contain contracts and other completed documents you should keep for future reference. And even if your physical space is spick and span, don‘t forget about digital clutter. The simple act of gathering all your wedding-related email correspondence in one folder will not only make your inbox easier to navigate, but will banish the nagging feeling that you are forgetting to address something you should have responded to yesterday.

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