7 Ways To Re-Boot Your Wedding Fitness Plan

Brides' personal trainer Amelia-Jane Hoffman, of Fit Gorgeous Brides, says there is a solution to revitalise weight loss after a long holiday break.

As a personal trainer to brides as well as a wife, I am well aware of the daily rituals and habits we create as we go about our busy days. Add to that, planning a wedding and taking time out for ourselves, and it's easy to see how we can hit a fitness plateau quickly without realising it for a few weeks.

You don’t need an hour to workout, just thirty minutes will do. Half the time it's the motivation to get moving that prevents us from doing so. Let's stop procrastinating and start feeling great again. Here'sa few tricks:

  • Schedule in your phone and diary 30 minutes to move ,preferably in the morning before work. Whether it be Pilates, yoga, a card game workout or at home workout. Put yourself and your health as a priority.
  • Make sure you have good fats in your diet at each meal such as coconut oil, avocado, salmon or nuts. Good fats help keep you fuller for longer and keep those pesky sugar cravings at bay.
  • Add cardio between resistance exercises if you are short on time. For example 10 push ups, 1 minute of skipping, 10 squats, 1 minute of skipping.
  • Check your intensity. Your wedding will creep up faster than you think so check that your workout zone when doing cardio is in your fat burning zone. To work this out it is 220 minus your age = ?. Then ? x .75%. This will give your you target heart rate to stick to.
  • Change up your intervals. Try doing longer intervals one week then shorter ones again the next. For example running for five minutes with a two minute jog or walk is a longer interval.
  • Take one easy week to help your body recover.  If you have been going full on with a personal trainer or at a boot-camp or even by yourself you will hit a plateau fast, so take one week easy every 5-6 weeks.  Still exercise every day but walk instead of run or just dial back the amount of weight you are lifting.  It gives your body a week of recovery, as well as ensuring you don’t burn out and then the following week go for it and see the results happen.
  • Book in for a one-off session with a personal trainer to check your intensity is right and learn a few new moves. Checking in with someone every four weeks to have your measurements done is also a great way to stay motivated and see your progress.

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