Planning a Christmas or New Year Wedding? Consider This

It's the time of year when holidays loom and families are together – seems like a great time to hold a wedding then, right?

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Choosing to have your special day near Christmas and holiday season has its advantages – and disadvantages. We called a forum to ask Kiwi brides their thoughts about combining the festive season with getting hitched. Here's what they had to say:

"We are having our wedding on December 29th, 2016 – not far away. We went with this date because most friends are already on holiday and we could have any day of the week. Also, we have family here from Aussie so are able to combine Christmas, a wedding and birthdays all together. Cross fingers for a sunny day!" Shelly

"These (above reasons) are exactly the same reasons for us!" Georgia

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"We had our wedding on the January 10th, 2015. It was a bit awkward for family because a lot of people had to go back to work the week prior, so that's something to consider when planning for out-of-town guests. We also had to chose that date as some of our vendors shut down over Christmas. My wedding dress shop closed for a month from mid-December, so any alterations couldn't happen before the day." Holly

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"I have considered holding our wedding in early December or early January because I love this time of year (and flowers etc), but I think that most people head away and  are super busy. Plus, prices of everything go up and it can be hard to book. I'm still undecided." Kirsty

​​"We are having our wedding on Auckland Anniversary weekend (January 28th-30th, 2017). We'd like to think that most of our family and friends will enjoy a romantic occasion to end the silly season and to kick off the real start of summer!" Amie

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"I had a Christmas-themed wedding... in March!" Emilie-Amber

"We held our wedding on December 19. We were living in Canada at the time and hoped it would encourage a few of our Kiwi friends to make the trip home for Christmas with their family and be there for our wedding too! It was also easier for us to get time off work. One catch was the flight expense over the holiday period, so we didn't have as many overseas guests as originally anticipated. I think/hope our local guests were okay with the timing, although I know for a few it was a busy time for them work wise, so their effort was appreciated. We didn't have any issues with vendors, all were fab!" Kathryn

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"Our wedding will be December 16th, 2017. It's close enough to Christmas to hopefully build on that holiday cheer, but far enough away from it to not interrupt other holiday plans. Plus, it means post-wedding celebrations will be Christmas and summer fun – we will not likely have a traditional honeymoon." Christine

"We got married on December 28th a couple years ago, and I would probably not repeat... While it was easier for all those traveling home from overseas, it was hard in regards to suppliers being available etc." Alicia

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Thank you to those who contributed to the above forum. To take part in more conversations with New Zealand Weddings join our Facebook page.

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