Fake vs Fresh: The Flower Debate

Can a top florist pick a preferred option? Can you?

As a flower lover I often find myself confused about the age old question, fake vs fresh? This month I want to talk through my thoughts on whether fresh is best, and if investing in lifelong flowers is a good option, as well as the pros and cons and how much each should cost.

There is no doubt fresh flowers smell amazing. They also look absolutely beautiful and they are a cheaper option than a good silk flower. But they do have limits – especially in New Zealand where we don't have all the varieties available that you see on Pinterest, and a lot of popular varieties are very season-specific.

The most significant difference is that, unlike artificial flowers, your fresh flower bouquet will only last a short time. A week or so after your big day. Two at a stretch.

Fresh bouquet by Twig & Twine, Image by I Do Photography.

Here the lines blur a little because there is a big difference between a great artificial bouquet and a cheapie that screams fake.

I'm going to concentrate on the best faux florals as these are really the only comparison to fresh flowers. If you are getting an artificial flower for less than a fresh flower costs, it's fair to say it will look fake.

A beautiful artificial gives you a lot more options than fresh flowers: it allows you to pre-order your bouquet, there are no seasonal or colour limitations, weather conditions on the day wont affect their appearance, and you get to keep your bouquet forever.

But be prepared to pay about 30 per cent more [than fresh flowers].

Artifical bouquet by Wild Floral Co, Image by Haley Guildford.

Both have their own set of pros and cons. A cheap bouquet won't look great, and this is your big day so make sure your bouquet is everything you have ever dreamed of. Spending $180 - $300 on your dream bouquet is likely to be a very small percentage of your overall budget, so don't view it as a lot of money – spoil yourself!

Julia x

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