4 Beauty Appointments to Schedule Pre-Wedding: Blog Series

With only 14 weeks until Michaela's wedding day, her plans are coming along swimmingly. Here is her second blog post:

You’ll be pleased to hear that my dress has now been ordered! After a fitting and some input from a couple of friends and my soon to be husband, I decided to go with the Melisma frock from Ruby.

Now, in case you missed my last post and are gobsmacked by the fact that my fiancé has already seen my dress, let me fill you in - we’re having what you may call an ‘unconventional’ wedding without any fuss.

The process of getting the dress was just as easy as I had hoped it would be. I had my measurements taken, took home a few fabric samples and shades of white to choose from and a week later, production began!

Side note, who knew there were so many shades of white?!

I digress. I’m a bit of a beauty geek and getting engaged has taken my obsession to a whole new level. I’ve worked out exactly which beauty appointments to schedule pre-wedding and when, so here are my tips:

Step Up Your Skincare Regime

If you’re still using skincare that you purchase from the supermarket, now is the time to upgrade. Skincare with a level of active ingredients high enough to create real change in your skin, isn’t sold over the counter, it needs to be prescribed specifically for your skin by an expert at a beauty salon.

Good skin doesn’t appear overnight so do yourself a favour and head to a salon that specialises in skincare for a consult at least three months pre-wedding. I’ve been using Ultraceuticals skincare from Haven beauty salon for over a year now and my skin has never looked better.

Pictured above: Haven Beauty Salon

Let’s Talk Brows & Lashes

Symmetrical brows and luscious lashes are essential for completing a flawless makeup look and while eyebrow feathering and lash extensions are all the rage right now, I’ve decided to try enhancing my brows and lashes naturally with the help of a growth serum.

It took a few weeks for me to see results with a serum but I persevered and it was well worth it. My lashes are so long that I’ve been asked if they’re fake and my eyebrows are fuller than ever before.

I had my newly thickened brows shaped and tinted at Lash Noir who measured my face and outlined exactly where my brows should be sitting which helped me to figure out where to apply the serum.

My advice, get a good growth serum and book a brow tint and shape sooner rather than later, it’ll change your life (and your face).

Cut to the Chase

In the lead up to the wedding, don’t forget to discuss the hairstyle you intend to have on your wedding day with your hairdresser so that he/she can shape your hair accordingly. The last thing you want is a cut that’s not compatible with the style you had in mind, so involve your hairdresser early and schedule your pre-wedding cut for two to three weeks before your wedding.

A word to the wise, if you’re planning to change hairdressers in the lead up to your nuptials, do your research first! I had to learn this lesson the hard way - I moved house and decided to try a new hairdresser who butchered my hair just four months out from the wedding. I almost cried it was so bad.

Thankfully, I then did some research and walked my sad mop of hair over to Stephen Marr where the lovely Kat is fixing it as it grows so come wedding day, it’ll be perfect.

Pictured Above: Stephen Marr salon; photography Olivia Hemus

It’s All About Impeccable Grooming

Good grooming is essential at all times and will be particularly scrutinised on the wedding day because let’s face it ladies, we’re on show for the day.

Everyone will want to see the new wedding band so hands and nails should be well groomed with a shellac manicure to avoid any paint chips on the day.

I’m going for a natural paint colour with a pearl finish to add a bit of sparkle and of course matching colours on hands and toes which brings me to my next point. A good pedicure is an absolute must, especially in my case as I’m wearing a tea length dress with open toe shoes and my feet will be on full display.

By far the most thorough pedicure treatment I’ve ever had was at East Day Spa , they do an hour long Margret Dabbs pedi filing away every possible sign of dry skin before a hot soak, sand scrub and a foot massage. Bliss!

Pictured Above: East Day Spa

Schedule your shellac manicure and pedicure three to four days before the big or if you’re using regular polish then get it done the day before.

With three months to go (and summer looming) I’ve stepped up the intensity of my workouts, started thinking seriously about accessories and am working through the smaller details of the day itself. Stay tuned.

Michaela x

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