Beat The Bloat: What To Eat On Your Wedding Day

Smart food choices can keep you feeling in tip-top shape for your 'skip' down the aisle. 

Eating well on your wedding day is really important. You have worked so hard over the past several months, so now is your time to show off that glowing skin and shiny hair, and to prevent the bloat that can often come during times of stress. Founder of Fit, Gorgeous Brides Amelia-Jane Hoffman gives us some food ideas:

Your wedding day will be busy, so by eating well at the beginning of the day ensures you will maintain your blood sugar levels, meaning you won't feel faint at any stage. Take a look at the menu guide below, it is what I have my clients eat and do on their wedding morning, so they can take it all in while still enjoying a glass or two of champagne.

Rise and shine, gorgeous girl
Have a coffee or green tea. Then go for a walk with your mum or bridesmaids. The day is going to be busy with socialising, so this is a great time to chat and have that special time together.

Protein pancake time, or fresh fruit, or a dairy-free smoothie, or an egg white omelette, and of course a glass of champagne. The reason food is light is so you don’t get bloated.

Fresh fruit, or crackers and cheese and water, you need to stay hydrated.

Yay, it is food and cake time. Enjoy!

Tip: If your bridal party photographs are between the ceremony and reception, have a picnic hamper on-hand. Your nerves will have disappeared so you may start to feel hungry. It is also a great time to take a few minutes to relax with the wedding party and take in what just happened.

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