How To Wear Fresh Flowers in Your Hair

Plucked fresh from the garden for you or your bridesmaids; turn up the pretty with nature's most delicate offerings.

  • Photography by Carolyn Haslett

Fresh flowers work with any hair colour and texture, however there are some important points to note.

Most flower arrangements will be made with a thick wire that can be shaped to fit with your hairstyle, but for extra security be sure to have a plentiful supply of bobby pins. If it's a hot day, most blooms can be placed between damp paper towels in an airtight container in the fridge – check with the florist first though, as cold temperatures might cause delicate flowers to wilt.

Handle them as little as possible too; oil from your hands can damage the petals, as can hair spray or other styling products, so be sure to use these before placing flowers in your hair, not afterwards.

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