Flowers: Where do I begin?

Julia Clarke of Twig & Twine knows a thing or two about beautiful blooms. In this blog, she deconstructs what can sometimes be the confusing first step when it comes to bridal flowers and foliage.

Above: Belinda Bradley Photography, dress by Hera Bridal Couture.

Flowers are such an important aesthetic of a wedding (I know, I would say that, I am a florist), but they really do make a difference to the overall décor, s tyle, and photography. Let’s be honest, they take up a good slice of the budget so it’s important you get exactly what you have always dreamed of. But, where to start?

The most important part of the process is defining what sort of style you would like, but even the thought of that can be incredibly overwhelming. Pinterest can be your best friend and worst nightmare all at the same time. It gives us so many wonderful options but it can be confusing, not to mention time consuming.

The good news is you don’t have to understand flowers at all, and you don’t have to have a list of what’s in season. In fact, all you need is a couple of images of your favourite bouquets and an idea of the style you would like and armed with these you have everything your florist needs.

I commissioned some gorgeous sketches from the amazing Michaela MicBride of the four most common styles of bouquet I get asked for, so that my clients can quickly see how we can differentiate styles. I am so excited to share these with you.

Don’t be overwhelmed with the details, focus on looking at the structure of the bouquet. Do you like it formed and having structure? Do you like unstructured with just a few rambling vines and blooms? Or do you want something that looks hand-picked from the garden?

The more freedom you can give your florist the better the results will be. Do remember that everything is open to interpretation so point out the bits you like, love and hate.

My four key styles are Wildly Untamed, Beautifully Formed, Whimsical and Romantic. Remember that these are just guides and one of these may be exactly what you are wanting or you might want a mix:

Whimsical is a mix of widely untamed and beautifully formed with rambling vines and blooms.

Romantic is loosely formed blooms and foliage but with structure, usually slightly larger because while there aren’t any more flowers, the form is loose.

Wildly Untamed shows different stem lengths with no structure or form, looks like it has just been picked from the garden and secured with ribbon.

Beautifully Formed obviously has form, but this doesn’t need to be totally round, it can may be oblong or cone shape – whatever shape you like.

Above bouquet image titles by: Michaela McBride Calligraphy, images by Rory Whlie, Brandi Smyth, Jennifer Kulaowski, Paula O'Hara.

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