Top Stylists' Tips for Wedding Hair

Stylists from around the country shed light on wedding hair tips and trends.

    We asked stylists from around the country to shed light on essentials when it comes to wedding hair. 

    Trial time

    ‘If you’re nervous about the look you want to create, arrange a few trials with your stylist,’ advises Gillian Tippett from Auckland’s Me Salon. Book a consultation about a month prior to the day so you can determine a hairstyle based on your preferences, and that best suits your overall ensemble.

    Stay true to yourself

    ‘The hairstyle you choose should reflect who you are,’ says Chad Grey from Atelier Hair Salon in Auckland. Chad recommends keeping it simple and natural. ‘Your photos are going to be with you for a long time, so the more classic the style, the better.’ He also suggests starting a lookbook of images that appeal to you – they will give your stylist a starting point.

    Get the full picture

    Shar Sutherland-Todd from Sutherland Todd Hairdressing in Christchurch suggests taking photos of the front, sides and back of your look when you’re experimenting with styles at home. ‘This will give you a far better idea of what suits you than by just looking in the mirror,’ says Shar.

    Let’s face it

    Choose a style that suits your face shape, advises Angela Hathaway from Shape Salon in Wellington: ‘Narrow faces suit width through the sides and not too much height, while a fringe shortens a longer face and height on top adds length to a round face.’

    Locked stocked

    Amelia Rush from Hair Above in Auckland recommends having a regular trim every six to eight weeks. ‘This will keep the ends looking healthy. If you colour your hair, consider a touch-up one to two weeks before the big day,’ says Amelia.

    Must-have accessories

    ‘If the wedding is formal, jewelled hairclips and headpieces that feature diamantés are popular,’ says Mana Dave from Blaze Hair in Auckland. ‘If it’s a more casual affair, wear fresh or fabric flowers in your hair.’ He says there’s also a move towards the use of bows, and headpieces that incorporate elements of the gown, such as lace embellished with crystals and beading.

    Feeling the heat

    To prevent hair from drying out, go easy on heated appliances like blowdryers and straightening irons.  ‘Consider having regular in-salon conditioning treatments that are personalised to your individual hair care needs, advises Shar Sutherland-Todd.

    Zip it up

    ‘Consider wearing a zip-up or button-up top when you’re having your hair styled on the day,’ says Mindy Williams from Shape Salon. ‘That way you won’t mess up your ‘do when you’re getting changed.’

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