Saying 'I do' at Home? Here's What to Hire

Saying 'I do' at home? Here's the need-to-knows, including the one item couples often completely forget about.

    Saying 'I do' at home? You'll need to do some hiring. Hirepool’s Amanda Carter has all the need-to-knows, including the one item couples often completely forget about.

    How far in advance is it necessary to book a marquee and any extra furnishings?
    Booking about four months ahead of the big day will be sufficient timing.

    What are some components that couples might not realise they should hire?
    The number one amenity couples forget to organise is napkins! Aside from those, think about the guests’ journeys from their cars to the marquee – even in dry weather (but particularly in wet!) it’s useful to create matted pathways. Plenty of lighting and ample heating, especially in cold months, is also key.

    What factors need to be taken into account when making a decision about which size of marquee to hire?
    Remember to consider your table layout, budget and whether or not you need a dance floor and a catering service area. Also, even if you’re only planning on using your marquee for dinner and dancing, it pays to allow enough extra space for other components – think your ceremony or post-ceremony drinks – in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.

    If couples are holding a cocktail reception, what furnishings would you recommend?
    A good rule of thumb is to allow one bar leaner for every four people. Additionally, it’s a great idea to have some couches available that will allow people to stop and take a breather as the night wears on!

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