The 11 Most Important Songs To Select For Your Wedding Day

Have you got these songs sorted?

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When it comes to choosing a DJ to help you plan audio and musical details for your special day, DJ4You founder Jan Holland says that it’s a great idea to go off a recommendation.

“Ask your wedding planner, friends and family if they have worked with or had a great DJ experience, and look them up.”

Jan and his team are all full-time DJs who are passionate and skilled in helping you achieve the best sound quality and musical requirements from the ceremony, speeches, and of course the dance floor.

“Getting everyone up and dancing is a great feeling, reading wedding guests and mixing the correct songs together to ensure everyone enjoys themselves.”

We asked Jan about the importance of reading the crowd for optimum dancing, and the songs we need to lock in before the big day.

What creates a happy (and full) dance floor?

Reading the crowd is an essential skill for any DJ. Having any pre-requests is a great start, but knowing what order to play songs and when to change things up is a skill a DJ develops over time. Without revealing too many of my own secrets, I have a ‘prep list’ or’ to ‘play soon list’ that I’m constantly updating and dragging songs or requests into throughout the night.

I am also constantly reading the crowd. How’s their body language? Are they dancing and singing? Are they going to the bar for another drink? Have they stopped moving or is a girl telling you ‘next song please’?...

All these things tell me if the song right now is working, if that genre of music is working, do you play the song out to the second verse or mix into the next song to keep the energy up. A good DJ is always analysing the crowd and planning ahead.

Sound and lighting is next in line after the DJ’s song selection and mixing ability. Having a clear and good quality sound system is key, as well as the DJ knowing the right volume. We choose ambient colour changing LEDs for our dance floor, which add a beautiful atmosphere, and also reproduce well in photographs.

What songs should be chosen before the wedding day?

When booking with us, we give the couples a complete list of songs they need to think about before the day.
1.    Pre-ceremony songs
2.    Bride walking down the aisle.
3.    Signing of the register
4.    Presentation of the new ‘husband and wife’
5.    Canape and toasting music
6.    Bride and Groom’s entrance to reception.
7.    Cutting the cake
8.    First dance
9.    Father-daughter dance (if applicable)
10.  Tossing of the bouquet (if applicable)
11.  Final song of the evening


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