Tiny Beauty Tips That Give Big Results

Introduce a few of these beauty rituals to your weekly routine to look and feel radiant come wedding day.

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It's true, small changes can have big results. By introducing a few of these rituals into your weekly routine, you'll be looking and feeling radiant in time for your wedding.

Go tea
Highly acidic coffee can wreak havoc on hormones, so say hello to herbal tea.

Twice a week, it removes dead, pore-clogging cells and speeds up skin's renewal process.

Use gloves
Take care of your hands in the lead-up to the big day by using appropriate gloves for household and garden chores.

Even thirty minutes of movement will keep your body in shape and your mind sharp, two great assets to own pre-wedding.

Aim for eight glasses of water a day, and even more if you’re exercising.

Eight hours is ideal, and there’s a reason why they call it ‘beauty sleep’.

Body love
Give your skin a dry brush before showering - it’ll improve circulation, flush out toxins, and reduce cellulite.

Magic mani
A weekly manicure will stop nails from tearing, setting you in good stead for what’s ahead. Use cuticle oil frequently too.

Eat well
Fill each meal with a rich array of nutrients – think walnuts and salmon for omega 3, leafy greens for antioxidants, and berries and citrus for vitamin C.

Hair help
Use prescribed hair products. Laying good groundwork now with quality shampoo, conditioner and heat protectant will have your locks looking wonderful come wedding day.

Prepare brows
Have your brows shaped – an investment in the mission to maintain a neat, full arch.

Chill out
The most important, as stress won’t do any good to your system. There’s no need to go full yogi, but even 10 minutes of meditation will bring your heart beat down. Consistent deep breaths also work wonders in the bid to be calm.

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