Insider’s Guide: How to Plan a Gift Registry

Three easy but essential tips to make life easier on you and your guests.

    Three easy but essential tips to make life easier on you and your guests. 

    Seek variety
    When considering where to register, look for places that offer a wide range of gifts, instead of niche or specialist items. It’ll mean you only have to register at one or two places, which will keep the process more manageable. Additionally, within stores, choose items from a variety of price points so every guest has something they can afford. That doesn’t mean sacrificing quality – for example, the Vera Wang Wedgwood Simplicity Indigo collection offers chic, casual dinnerware in a bold, contemporary design. It starts at an affordable price point, with a range of items available, so every guest is able to contribute something.

    Think of the future
    When considering items you’ll hope will last a lifetime – for instance, tableware or ornaments – it’s important to keep in mind that while you may entertain a certain way now, as you move through life your tastes will change and develop. Therefore, it’s best to list a range of items to ensure you have every occasion covered. Be sure to select both casual and formal dining options. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to dinnerware patterns so mix and match to create your own look. However if in doubt remember that a good basic white setting will never date. Choose your dinnerware first, as this will make the biggest visual impact, then pick stemware and cutlery that complement. Get enough tableware to allow for eight to 12 guests, so you’re covered for larger gatherings or unexpected guests. 

    Practicality isn’t paramount
    While it’s important that you have basic homeware covered, don’t feel as though your registry has to be strictly “sensible”. Indulgent statement pieces – think beautiful picture frames and luxurious vases – add character and beauty to a home, and can come to act as an ornate symbol of your marriage. Ensure these pieces are classic and beautifully crafted – they’ll stand the test of time and enhance any setting. 

    Vera Wang and Wedgwood are renowned for approaching design with a passion for detail, a unique understanding of luxury and a desire to blend functionality with sophistication. As a result the Vera Wang Wedgwood collection offers a distinctive range of timeless pieces; as a gift, each piece will recall the memory of your special moment and the quality will last a lifetime. Visit for stockists.

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