Win Your Dream Wedding 2015: Marysa's Blog, Week Eight

Our lucky winners Marysa and Peter are just two weeks away from their Dream Wedding!

  • Story by As told to Philippa Prentice

Our lucky winners Marysa and Peter are just two weeks away from their Dream Wedding! 

One of the unique things about getting married on a boat on which your guests can stay overnight is that not only do we need a seating plan, which Wendy Keir from Fox and the Hare is creating for us, we also need a cabin plan. Peter and I will be finalising ours with Hauraki Blue Cruises in the next few days.

We’ve applied for our marriage licence and must remember to pick it up next week, or there might not be a wedding! We've been working on our vows and readings for the ceremony, and picked up our rings from Carats, which of course are the ultimate symbol of our love; our four- and six-year-old nephews have been given the important job of walking them up the aisle for us.

In dancing news (a subject close to my heart, as I'm a former professional ballerina), I’ve been feeling the pressure to have a standout first dance. So I’ve been putting Pete through his paces – and so far he's been very obliging. I’m sure once the stage is set with Ashley Hibbard from Southern Belle Styling & Events' theming we'll both be swept up in the moment, and even if some of the steps aren’t quite as well rehearsed as I'd like them to be, our love for each other will shine through.

This week, Hera Couture kindly created a beautiful veil for me, to make my ensemble even more special. My Sally Eagle Bridal Designs bridesmaids dresses are completed and on their way via courier, and we've also been working with Willoughby Road on the flowers that will be arranged on the archway we'll say our vows beneath.

Last but certainly not least, I had a fabulous hen's do on Saturday night with all my Auckland friends. We had drinks and dinner, played lots of fun games, and I didn’t have to do anything embarrassing. Coming together with friends from different areas of my life made me even more excited about our big day when we'll have an even bigger group assembled to help celebrate our marriage. Now I really can't wait!

Marysa x

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