Win Your Dream Wedding 2015: Marysa's Blog, Week Five

Join our lucky winner Marysa and her fiancé Peter on their journey to their Dream Wedding.

  • Story by As told to Philippa Prentice

Join our lucky winner Marysa and her fiancé Peter on their journey to their Dream Wedding.

This week our focus became stationery, shoes and singing!

We confirmed the details of our invitations with Wendy Keir from Fox and the Hare and she worked to a very tight time frame to get them to us. They're elegant and simple with teal calligraphy, and tied with the most gorgeous blush-coloured, hand-dyed silk ribbon. The completed invitations arrived on Thursday afternoon and I had them sealed and posted within 45 minutes. They're travelling to all corners of the Earth as we have friends coming to celebrate with us from Mexico, the US, the UK and Switzerland, to name just a few places.

This week we learned that we also have the opportunity to have a sensational jazz singer, Chris Melville, at our ceremony, so we're thrilled about that. I made three trips to Mi Piaci, trying to decide on my wedding footwear. I'm being typically indecisive and having trouble picking between traditional bridal shoes or a more on-trend pair. Peter has now sourced his groomsmen’s shoes. They'll all be wearing the same style, which works beautifully with their Frank Casey suits. 

My mother and sisters-in-law in Christchurch and I put some thought and research into what our two flowers girls will wear, and the last day of the week was spent shopping for outfits for our page boys, Peter's nephews. Leo and Otis are five and four and look pretty cute in everything; Otis is a budding model and already knows how to work a crowd!

Envisaging how all the different elements of our day will look when they're all brought together has been a challenge, but the whole family is getting involved with the decision making, which is just wonderful. It’s just another reminder that celebrating this special day with our friends and family is what it’s really all about.

Until next week, Marysa x

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