Win Your Dream Wedding 2015: Marysa's Blog, Week Two

Join our lucky winner Marysa and her fiancé Peter on their journey to their Dream Wedding.

  • Story by As told to Philippa Prentice

Join our lucky winner Marysa and her fiancé Peter on their journey to their Dream Wedding. 

Week two, and we’re still riding high on the news that we won! The Dream Team has been great, helping us out and sending us lots of emails – there's so much to be decided over the next nine weeks! 

On a stunning Auckland day, we met with Leah from Hauraki Blue Cruises and toured the vessel, Ipipiri. It's a truly magical place and while we were there it really dawned on us what a unique setting it is to get married in. We've had a million and one questions for event coordinator Emily, but our plans are slowly starting to solidify. We have our guest list confirmed now, and can’t wait to officially invite everyone. The friends that we’ve spoken to so far are blown away that they'll be able to stay overnight on the boat with us. It'll make the day all the more special, particularly because a lot of our friends are travelling to the wedding from overseas and it'll mean we can hang out together for that little bit longer.

Top of the to-do list is deciding on a wedding theme, so I’m hoping Sally Eagle Bridal Designs' selection of bridesmaid dresses might help to steer me in the right direction. But if anyone has any ideas on how to theme a stunning boat, please email them through to me at [email protected] 

We're excited about all that this next week will hold – I’ll update you on our progress in seven days.


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