Win Your Dream Wedding 2015: Marysa's Blog, Week One

And the winners are... Auckland's Marysa and Peter! Join Marysa on her journey to their Dream Wedding.

  • Story by As told to Philippa Prentice

And the winners are... Auckland's Marysa and Peter! Join Marysa each week as she reveals their journey to their Dream Wedding.

After the finalists' phone interview on Thursday night with New Zealand Weddings and the Dream Team, Peter and I headed over the road to our local bar for a glass of wine to calm our nerves while we waited for the judges to deliberate. I hadn’t been that nervous since my professional ballet days and had to resort to taking some Rescue Remedy! We received a call shortly afterwards to tell us the exciting news – we couldn’t quite believe they'd picked us and were both speechless and incredibly grateful. Having composed ourselves, we couldn’t wait to tell our parents, siblings and close friends, who were all delighted for us. We were both on a high and pumped with adrenaline, so didn’t sleep much that night.

Event coordinator Emily called us the next day to congratulate us and put a date in the diary to meet the team at Hauraki Blue Cruises along with celebrant Melanie Kerr and I Do Photography's Jody Lidstone. One of the many reasons Peter and I are so thrilled to win this prize is because we're so busy and have so little free time to plan a wedding, so to have the Dream Team's expertise on hand is so wonderful. I have my own business, Barrefigure, a boutique fitness studio in Auckland's Ponsonby, and I’ve recently been selected to represent Lululemon as an ambassador, so you can imagine I’m fairly busy, and this week is no exception. Unfortunately my busy schedule means we have to hold out until the end of the week to see the amazing boat and find out more details, but the ball is rolling!

In the past few days, we've started to compile a guest list, and as with many weddings, it's proving a challenge to keep our numbers down. We chose our three bridesmaids and groomsmen and because two of them live overseas have let them know in advance of the formal invitations so they can get onto booking flights. We also asked Peter's nephews to be page boys – they're already fighting over which job they'll get to do on the day! I called my four-year-old niece Izzy, too, who's very excited that she gets to wear a beautiful flower girl dress.

Peter and I both spent quite some time living overseas – Peter in London and Switzerland and me in New York and London. So we've let some of our close friends around the world know about our special day, but are excited to finalise our guest list once we've seen the ship. Then we’ll be able to meet with Wendy Maree from The Fox and the Hare to select one of her stunning invitation designs.

Of course, I’m extremely excited about choosing the perfect dress from Hera Bridal to marry my gorgeous husband-to-be in. I'm the only daughter in my family, with three older brothers, so I must say my mother is equally buzzing.

Peter and I always hoped we'd win this incredible competition, but with such an amazing and life-changing prize at stake, you don’t really dare to dream it might actually happen. So from the moment we received the news, life has been nothing short of surreal. Four days of celebrating with friends, family, colleagues and clients and thanking everyone for their support in voting – and this is just the beginning!


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