Your Post-Wedding To-Do List

After the whirlwind of the wedding, make time to tick these essential tasks off your list.

  • Story by Words Karyn Henger

After the whirlwind of the wedding, make time to tick these essential tasks off your list. 

Give it back 
​Return hired pieces promptly to avoid late fees, and borrowed items as soon as possible as a matter of courtesy. If you’re honeymooning straight away, ask your bridal party or family to help.

Make any outstanding payments 
Settle invoices from suppliers in full and on time. Check the final costs against the quotes you were given and query additional charges you weren’t made aware of.

Open your gifts 
Make an occasion of sitting down with your groom to open your presents. Note who gave you what, so you can make mention it in your thank-you cards. Consider creating a keepsake box for storing your cards safely.

Say thank you
Hand-write your thank yous and send them within three months of your wedding. It can be a big job, but divide it between you and reflect on how each person contributed to your day while composing your messages.

Store your gown
Have your bridal gown cleaned by a reputable drycleaner as soon as possible after the wedding. Wrap it in acid-free tissue paper and store it in a cool, dry place. (Some drycleaners will present your gown in a special storage box for this purpose.)

Change your name (if you want to) 
Use your marriage or civil union certificate as evidence and contact each individual agency to update your driver’s license, passport, bank account details and the like.

Streamline your finances
You may wish to open a joint account with your new husband or start savings accounts for a house deposit or other large items.

Update legal documents
Now is a good time to reassess insurance packages (most couples list their spouse as the beneficiary on life insurance policies) and to create or adjust your will.

Go online
Consider updating your work or email address if it contains your maiden name, and don’t forget to change your Facebook status!

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