How To: Prepare for a Dress Consultation

It’s one of the most monumental garments you’ll ever wear, so when decision time arrives, it pays to be prepared.

    It’s one of the most monumental garments you’ll ever wear, so when decision time arrives, it pays to be prepared. Simone Gale from Christobelle’s shares her best tips.

    Keep your entourage small and select

    We always advise to bring no more than three supporters – perhaps your mum, a sister, an aunty or a best friend. Just make sure they are encouraging and knowledgeable about the look you are trying to achieve. A crowd that’s too big (or unsupportive) can take the focus away from you and tarnish the experience – you want dress shopping to be a fun, treasured memory.

    Set yourself up to feel your best

    A little makeup and neatly styled hair will not only boost your self esteem on the day, but can help you gain a better visual understanding of what the dress will look like when you’re prepped and preened.

    Don’t know what to bring? Communicate with your dress consultant

    For instance, if you’re coming to Christobelle’s, there’s nothing you need to bring because we have undergarments, gowns, shoes, hairpieces and – of course – champagne! But other designers will prefer you to come armed with these essentials. Good communication will ensure you have everything you need.  

    By all means, do your research…

    Magazines and Pinterest are both brimming with dress styles and ideas – be sure to have a mix of real wedding photos along with editorial shoots, so you have a healthy idea of how dresses will photograph both on professional photo shoots and in real life. 

    … but keep an open mind

    Different dresses look good on different body types, and your consultant will have a well-trained eye. Regardless of the research you have done, stay open to their ideas.

    Stay positive!

    Joyous, confident, trusting brides always have the best dress-fitting experiences.

    Christobelle’s will be showing their dresses nationwide over the following dates – for more information, visit

    Christchurch 12 – 14 July
    Queenstown 25 – 26 July
    Dunedin 27 – 28 July
    Christchurch 1 – 3 August
    Auckland 7 – 10 August
    Hamilton 22 – 24 August
    New Plymouth 5 – 6 September
    Palmerston North 12 – 13 September
    Wellington 19 – 21 September
    Taupo26 – 27 September
    Northland 2 – 4 October
    Auckland 9 – 11 October
    Nelson 17 – 18 October

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