Budgeting: Costs You Haven't Thought of Yet

Dodge a budget blowout by adding these expenses to your spreadsheet, stat!

  • Story by Photo Tandem Photography & Words Margot Marshall

Dodge a budget blowout by adding these expenses to your spreadsheet, stat!

You’ve budgeted for your invitations, but have you remembered the postage costs to send them all? Overseas postage or extra postage for larger-style envelopes can both incur additional costs you may not have previously thought about.

Providing your own wine might seem like a great way to save money when it comes to your venue, but be aware that your venue can charge a corkage fee per person, which may make you rethink your BYO decision.

Your veil
You’ll always budget for the dress of your dreams, but you may not remember to factor in the cost of a beautiful veil to match! Depending on the style, length and type of fabric you like, you will need to budget upwards of $50, with most tending towards the $100-$200 mark.

It’s easy to get swept up in your day and keep the band – and bar – going until the wee hours – but if you think this is likely, make sure you’ve talked to your suppliers about what their overtime charges are to avoid any nasty surprises after the big day.

​Your photographer’s fee may or may not include the rights to your images, so it’s important to find out beforehand what your photography package includes, such as whether an album is part of it, or an additional fee.

Venue hire fee
​You’ve found your perfect venue and locked in your caterers, but you may not have thought about the fact that you’ll need to pay a venue hire fee – these can vary greatly so it’s essential to find out what your particular venue charges.

Supplier meals
​Just as your guests will get hungry, so too will your photographer, videographer, band or DJ. Factor a meal for these key people into your budget; if suppliers are fed and watered, they’ll be able to perform to their best.

If you’ve nabbed a bargain by purchasing your dress online, don’t forget you’ll need to pay shipping costs and customs charges or GST to actually bring your gown into the country. Check out whatsmyduty.org.nz to find out how much duty you may need to pay.

Marriage licence
​An imperative part of tying the knot, yet often forgotten in a wedding budget! The cost of a marriage licence in New Zealand for a wedding conducted by a marriage celebrant is approximately $120.

Including yourselves in the final count
​​Sounds obvious, but it’s not uncommon for brides to forget themself and their groom in the final guest count for catering!

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