How To: Choose a Hire Company

By keeping these golden questions top of mind, your day is sure to run smoothly.

  • Story by Photo Anna Kidman

By keeping these golden questions top of mind, your day is sure to run smoothly. 

Is the equipment available on the dates that you need it?

Are the staff at the company knowledgeable enough to advise you on the best options available? If you’re hiring a marquee, most companies should offer to do a site analysis for you free of charge.

Does the company have a sweep of hire options that can work to fit your price range?

Delivery and pickup
Can the company deliver to you? With out-of-town guests and last minute prep taking up lots of your time, having equipment delivery ticked off the list will make the days leading up to “I do” that bit smoother.

Set up
Will a technician be on hand to assist with marquee or sound system set up?

Can the company show you a range of glowing testimonials from previous – and recent – weddings they’ve serviced?

Quality of equipment
Particularly for electronic items such as sound systems or heaters, check the age – and thus, the reliability - of the items you’ll be hiring.

Consumption costs
Are the price of consumables – for instance, gas for gas heaters – included in the cost of hire?

Breakage fees
What happens when the inevitable occurs? Glasses breaking and table cloths getting stained are almost expected at any celebration. Ask what the repercussions of these occurrences will be.

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