How To: Be a Breezy Bride

Feel more bridezilla than breezy? We’ve devised our top three tips to create the ultimate happy working relationship with your wedding vendors.

  • Story by Photo Kate Wark

Feel more bridezilla than breezy? We’ve devised our top three tips to create the ultimate happy working relationship with your wedding vendors.

A bride who is easy to work with is a vendor’s dream. On the flipside, difficult or unprofessional behavior from a bride-to-be will create rifts in working relationships and send suppliers running for cover. Keep your suppliers happy and your wedding will in turn be filled with smiles, love and laughter.

1. Talk, don’t text!

Communicating effectively with your wedding vendors is essential – and communication via text message can be more trouble than it’s worth. It’s near impossible to keep track of all the elements of your wedding planning via text – and there’s also no paper trail to refer back to. Where contracts are involved, resist the temptation to text and set your communication mode to traditional – email, post, telephone or in person.

If email is your preferred method of communication, huge numbers of emails sent to vendors can be confusing and frustrating. A good tip is to make a note of your important questions and details and send them in just one email at the end of the day or week. Alternatively, set up a weekly meeting so you can ask them in person.

If you’re more of a phone person, be mindful of what time you are calling a vendor – phoning after hours is unprofessional and they may find it oversteps the boundaries. Use common sense and keep your calling times to the standard nine-to-five work day, unless your vendor specifically states they don’t mind when or how often you call them.

2. Food, glorious food

Just as we get hungry when we work a long day, vendors need to eat, too! Supplier meals are super-important as they keep vendors satiated, happy and best of all, raring to go from whoa to go on your day, where they’ll typically be working up to ten hours or more. If suppliers are working over meal times, feed them and their assistants – this stands for photographers, videographers, planners, band or DJ. Most suppliers will include their need for a meal in their contract, but it’s a good idea to talk it through together so you’re aware of their expectations. For vendors in for the long haul, drinks and light refreshments provided throughout the day are a thoughtful touch.

3. Acknowledge their work

A simple thank you goes a long way in all aspects of life, and your wedding is no different. Being grateful to your vendors before, during and after the day itself will be greatly appreciated. Most vendors run their own, mostly small, businesses and a genuine thank you from a happy couple – be it handwritten or in person – will put a smile on their face and make them feel all their hard work was worthwhile.

Similarly, if you’re happy with the service your vendor has provided, don’t just keep it to yourself – let everyone else know too! A glowing review from happy couples helps create positive word of mouth for your vendor and an awesome online presence.

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