The Actual Album: How to Create One You Love

Photographer Johannes van Kan from Moda Fotografica defines "great", and we share how to achieve it.

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Photographer Johannes van Kan from Moda Fotografica defines the "great" wedding album, and we share how to achieve it. 

What is a beautiful wedding album?

“A beautiful wedding album is a story that depicts emotions, events and feelings in a visually articulate style,” says Johannes. According to the award-winning photographer, creating a stunning album can sometimes be about showing the less obvious, while sometimes it is all about the big picture. “I tell my couples that their albums are not only for them, because in truth they are actually for their children. In twenty years time their children will look through the album and simply say; “my parents are cool”. This is not because of some special effect found in Photoshop, because that isn’t what cool is about. They are cool because the photography invokes emotions, it informs the viewer of a love between two people, and it does so in a timeless way,” he says. “Simplicity is key.”

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How do you create a great wedding album? 

If you're laying up your own wedding album, there are a few key pointers you'd do well to keep in mind: 

Go chronological
Generally, getting-ready shots should go before ceremony shots which should go before reception and after party shots. However, don't let yourself be blindly guided by this rule. If you have a stunning shot from your post-ceremony portrait session, there's no reason not to let it be the hero opening shot.

Follow your emotions
The best wedding photos are ones that arouse strong happy emotions within you. They needn't be the most technically sound. 

Think in pairs
Just like a magazine, each page's impact will be greatly affected by the page opposite – design by spreads, not by pages. 

Tick the boxes
While it's important that your album doesn't take on a formulaic feel, there are certain ceremony 'must-have' shots that your album would seem incomplete without: your walk up the aisle, your first kiss, the exchanging of rings and your walk down the aisle.

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