One for the Lust List: Zoe & Morgan Engagement and Wedding

Prepare to have your heart stolen.

    To say we’re big fans of Zoe & Morgan’s inimitable style is something of an understatement – the dynamic brother-sister duo work from both London and Auckland, crafting confections so striking that upon seeing them we frequently find ourselves emitting involuntary – though justified – gasps of awe.
    They mold precious metals from platinum to rose gold into sharp geometric angles and emblems such as Pegasus and all-seeing eyes. Sprinkled with expertly cut stones, the creations hit a mark somewhere between gothic, Egyptian antique and gypsy market – but make no mistake, the effect is anything but confused.
    Now, in some of the best news we’ve heard all year, the pair that brought us love knot rings and earrings like this has announced an expansion into the realm of wedding and engagement finery.
    Offering bespoke services, teams work from Auckland’s CBD and London’s Primrose Hill. The resulting designs are heirlooms in the making – striking yet wearable, fashion-forward yet decidedly timeless.
    Zoe & Morgan Engagement and Wedding: it’s a launch that warrants pumping of fist and raising of glass – and a hasty trip to the look book to see what all the fuss is about. Visit 

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