News: Bobbi Brown’s Latest Offering

It’s a matter of urgency that you hear the latest about two of our favourite things beginning with ‘br’ – brows and Britomart.

    If you lived through the nineties and had access to a pair of tweezers, there’s a perilously high chance that, at some Drew Barrymore-inspired stage or another, you plucked your eyebrows into something of an obliterated state. The line was skinny, the arch distressingly high. All was well until the years passed and you began to grow fond of a markedly bolder standard. The tweezing stopped, but by this stage you had forgotten what a normal brow should look like or, in fact, how to achieve it. 

    Don’t despair, because May 21 2015 brings a solution and we’ll cut straight to it: Bobbi Brown’s specialist brow bar, newly opened on Auckland’s Britomart shop floor. Described as something of a “brow hospital”, its offering is simple: there are two brow experts, prepped and primed to analyse your arches and fill your makeup bag with the tools you’ll need to make a full recovery. “Before” photos might be taken, rehabilitation plans might be made, tactical tweezing and trimming might take place. If the situation’s particularly wispy, you could be diagnosed with a grow-out plan. Fret not though – the bar is equipped with enough powder, gel and pencil to make the process resolutely bearable – maybe even enjoyable. You’ll be left with the ultimate brow – neat and full – and comfortable in the knowledge you’re equipped with the expertise to maintain it.  

    Bobbi Brown Britomart – call (09) 222 0035 to book your appointment.

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