How To: Set Up a Meditation Station

Behind every true bridechilla is a great meditation habit, and a tranquil space in which to do it.

    Life as a bride-to-be isn’t all cake tastings and congratulatory hugs – we know. There are in-laws to appease, RSVPs to wrangle and vendors to negotiate with – on top of everyday work and relationship commitments, all of which don’t let up, despite your newly engaged status.  

    When you meditate, you create space in your body and mind. Regular practice reduces stress, boosts your mood and increases energy levels, resulting in increased productivity and creativity– essential for the busy bride to be. 

    Never meditated before? Look for guided meditations through an app such as Omvana and set up a dedicated space – you’ll be the picture of peace in no time.  

    Step One: Seek Out a Quiet Spot
    Find an easily accessible place in your home that’s out of the way of general foot traffic or distractions – a corner in your bedroom or a barely used lounge. Make sure you have access to fresh air and natural light – a good flow of oxygen boosts brainpower, while keeping you alert. 

    Step Two: Keep It Simple
    Lack of clutter is key to crafting an effective meditation space – a messy space means a messy mind. Clear unnecessary objects, and fill the space with the basics: a meditation pillow, a small table and a rug.  

    Step Three: Look to Nature
    A key component of meditation is connecting with nature and your surroundings. By adding an element of nature to your station, you create an air of harmony. Try a plant, a smattering of crystals, shells, a small water feature, or any other object that makes you feel connected to nature.

    Step Four: Choose an Aroma
    Whether it’s a candle, aromatic oils or an incense stick, a gentle aroma fills the space with soothing energies. If your space is in a small room, be sure to leave a window open so the smell doesn’t get overwhelming. 

    Step Five: Make It Personal
    The aim of the space is to soothe your soul – however you do that is up to you. Try adding a statue of Buddha, artwork or photos that brings you peace, or an aural soother such as a bell or wind chime. 

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