Bridal Buzz: February 20

New PJs, new shoes, new way to get rid of tummy rolls – all in this week's Bridal Buzz!

  • Story by Photo Jackie Meiring

New PJs, new shoes, new way to get rid of tummy rolls – all in this week's Bridal Buzz!​

Caci ChillSculpt
Everyone knows that there’s nothing wrong with white lies. Which is why you don’t have to feel guilty for telling people you met a friend for coffee in your lunch break when really, you had a ChillSculpt treatment at Caci. It’s a non-invasive procedure in which a machine freezes fat cells so they can be naturally disposed by the body, all in less than an hour – any machine that does that is a friend in our eyes.   

Crane Brothers’ new collection
Bad news: there’s only eight official days of summer left. Good news: shiny new autumn collections are showing up in all our favourite stores. This week’s fave? Crane Brothers’ – get your groom along there, stat, and administer an instant shot of suave.

Willa & Mae
Suffering from pre-wedding insomnia? Poor you. At least suffer in style by splurging on a treat from Willa and Mae’s new sleepwear collection. Crafted from some of the planet’s finest silk and lace, it’s the kind of clothing you’ll want to stay awake and enjoy.

Mi Piaci shoes
Attention all: Mi Piaci's new range has landed and with it, an army of shoes fit to stun on the big day and beyond. See

Bella earrings
What’s sparkly, decadent and would look perfect with your updo? These Bella Accessories earrings, of course! See  

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