Bridal Buzz: July 18

Something to do, something to try, something to drink, something to buy. All in this week's Bridal Buzz!

  • Story by Photo Amanda Thomas

Above: Bouquet by blush.

Something to do, something to try, something to drink, something to buy. All in this week's Bridal Buzz!


Redcurrent clutch
Still on the hunt for your something blue? Introducing our favourite ocean-hued accessory of the week: as far as blue things go, this blingtastic clutch is as wedding-worthy as they come. It’s crystalled, it’s chic and it’s big enough to fit all your bridely must-haves. Perfection. Find yours at Redcurrent.

Time for tea
We know water is good for all sorts of things (bright eyes, a functioning liver, good skin) but never does a chilled glass of the clear stuff carry less appeal than when the country’s facing some of the coldest temperatures of the year thus far. Times like these call for tea, and preferably, a kind that’s packed in a particularly pretty tin. Our favourites? Chopra Centre and Harney & Sons. 

Phone Print
Here’s a fact for your next dinner party: New Zealanders took more than a billion photos on their phones last year, but printed out less than one per cent of them. Don’t let your on-the-go snaps join the forgotten masses – get yourself to Fujifilm, embrace its Phone Prints service and immortalise your photos in the form of a big poster. Or a memory book. Or a humble stack of 6x4s, if that’s more your thing.

Tattooed-on eyebrows: it may sound terrifying, but the new service offered by Britomart’s just-opened On Browhouse (companion to waxing salon Off Brow) is reportedly the next big thing in grooming. The process is called ‘browography’, whereby semi-permanent ‘ink’ is gently brushed on in feathery strokes. The aim? To replenish barely there brows for a look that’s decidedly more bold yet still natural enough to prevent strangers on the street from doing a double take. Perfect for regretful victims of over-plucking or those who are aiming for a fuller look. Sound like you? Find out more at

New Zealand International Film Festival
Looking for something to do this weekend? Look no further: as of yesterday, the New Zealand International Film Festival has proceeded to take over cinemas the country over, starting in Auckland and spreading down the land. Buy tickets at

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